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EGS Update notes...
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:10:23 PM »
Changelog: Alpha 6.1.0 (Build 1094)

- Added new cockpit
- Added spotlight slope block
- Added spotlight blocks for CVs
- Added new destroyed hull blocks + updated existing ones
- Added "folded" version of Motorbike: Motorbike will convert into this "energy-save" mode after 5 minutes if placed on terrain and not used (note: idle motorbikes that just stand around are very "expensive" in terms of performance)

Visuals / Sounds:
- Tweaked sounds of drones, vessel weapons and base weapons, as well as NPCs so that they are not heard anymore over the whole playfield
- Replaced drop container, bag and backpack with better models (say goodbye to the old Samsonite suitcase)
- Updated GUI for Terrain Placeables (O2 Generator, H2 Generator, Autominer, etc)

- Updated and improved in-game chat
- Drop Containers now immediately de-spawn when emptied
- "Back" button in container windows is disabled if player does not have faction access to a structure
- Repairing AI Planet Vessel when it returns to its docking platform
- Added info to planet description (Akua) that there is a tutorial
- Removed water bottle from PDA task
- Added proper preview pic for Dead Plant (large) and Dead Plant (small)
- Better console command description for 'remoteex'
- Added better description to Motorbike
- Renamed raptor into dinosaur

- Adapted start equipment on all starting planets (eg Survival Constructor in inventory): What do you think about this change?
- Growing Plot is now airtight
- Updated PDA: Huntsmen Akua
- Removed collision for Akua berry bush and other bushes.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem when subscribing multiple Blueprints with same title from Workshop
- Fixed: Error when uploading Workshop item to workshop in certain situations
- Fixed: Deco / grass not removed from POIs in certain situations
- Fixed: Owner of Faction is shown as "Member" for other members of the faction
- Fixed: Can not promote member beyond member
- Fixed: Traders falling through ground on planets in certain situations
- Fixed: Mech NPC can sometimes get stuck on some blocks & shoot through blocks when stuck on them
- Fixed: Mech and Zirax NPC shoot through hull blocks in certain situations
- Fixed: Exploit when changing faction (or gaining access to any device) of another player's structure using Lock Code
- Fixed: Sector map shows wrong lines / arrows in conjunction with allow|deny control
- Fixed: Deactivating Vessel per Y button leads to instant-perish-drop/spoil of food in fridges (MP)
- Fixed: Plants randomly dying related to adding & removing blocks, devices or plants of other bases in the same playfield
- Fixed: Can not damage/destroy blocks of a downed PV
- Fixed: Patrol Vessels is sometimes indestructible (MP)
- Fixed: Player collider is sticking through thin walls / windows when looking down and thus NPC can shoot you through the wall
- Fixed: When in the same playfield as other players jetpack & motorcycle sounds can be heard from far away
- Fixed: Problem that autominer removed terrain when placed
- Fixed: Escape pod isn't accessible in some places.
- Fixed: Removing a Landing Gear T2 from a SV returns a Landing Gear T1
- Fixed: NPC sound can be heard from far away (MP)
- Fixed: Regeneration Exploit Grief
- Fixed: Error spam when player dies in certain situations
- Fixed: Promote/Demote buttons not showing correctly after Promoting/Demoting in Faction Window
- Fixed: Radiation Pills: Health is noted twice in the info popup
- Fixed: Player inventory (TAB) shows "body temperature" in °C although set to °F
- Fixed: Dead Plant could be placed on normal hull blocks (now it can only be placed in Growing Plots)
- Fixed: Repair Bay and Ventilator missing airtight block info
- Fixed: Exception in Menu Tab Selection Window (support email: #F4279)
- Fixed: Error when manually completing PDA jobs while chapter is deactivated (support email: #A76BB)
- Fixed: Several issues, missing faces / damage states with destroyed blocks
- Fixed: Chat input field is stripping out characters
- Fixed: Looping messages in server logs
- Fixed: Several other internal exceptions found in output logs sent in by our players

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 02:35:53 AM »
Hotfix 2: June 15, 2017 - Build 1098 (Client only)

We just released another hotfix for the Blueprint library. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Blueprint library doesn't recognize factory and produced Blueprints
- Fixed: Unable to move through damaged block colliders.
- Fixed: Group Name missing from Blueprint Window
- Fixed: Error in Sector Map if POI Information is Missing for Space Playfields (support email #645AE)


Hi Galactic Survivalist,

We just released a hotfix that fixes the blueprint library bug. In addition, you are now able to build / repair your SV, HV and CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI.

Please continue to report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha 6.1.1 over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-6-1.11707

Changelog: Alpha 6.1.1 (Build 1097)

- Allow to build / repair SV, HV, CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI
- Tweak to chat: Reduced line spacing in individual messages
- AI Space Vessel: avoid SV changing speed when launching a fighter
- Added first version of "star twinkling" effect during night on planets with atmosphere
- Tweaked start position in Taipane Instance: now you are protected from sentry fire
- Updated model of spotlights
- Tweaked flare on sloped spotlight so that it can be better seen (+ added better flare to all spotlights)
- Tweaked sound on repair station so that it is not heard all over playfield.
- Folded motorbike: direct pickup instead of container access
- Added some missing Localization
- Adjusted tooltips in Control Panel, Constructors and Creative Windows to use new style
- 'ents' console command now also outputting internal structure temperature
- Tweaked sound of Mech NPC

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when opening Blueprint menu
- Fixed: Mech NPC's still shooting through blocks in certain situations (if you still find use cases please send us the save game)
- Fixed: Error when looking at a player bike in energy-save mode
- Fixed: Space Drones starting from drone bases are sunk in blocks
- Fixed: Spotlight shining through hull
- Fixed: Problem that you could not re-spawn in Taipane Instance (now medic stations are set to public)
- Fixed: LOD Problem with Pumpkin Plant Stage 3
- Fixed: PV that rebuilds itself does not rebuild destroyed weapons
- Fixed: Missing GER localisation
- Fixed: Exception linked to map markers (support email: #18883)
- Fixed: Internal exception (support email: #7CBB3)

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2017, 06:51:08 PM »
Changelog: Alpha 6.3.0 (Build 1117)

Improved Local Coop:
- Added possibility to host a local coop game that can be joined by your friends without port forwarding. For more details, please visit this thread: http://empyriononline.com/threads/a6-3-feedback-new-coop-mode.12077

- Added new fighter cockpit long (replacement for cockpit 6)
- Added slim versions of SV / HV doors (only 2 blocks wide)
- Added 3 new Tier 1 SV Stock Prefabs - thanks to Reaper, Pyston and wahnfriedenator
We added some very small and cheap vessels as stock prefabs

- Fully updated civil settlement POIs: thanks to Dinkelsen, Frigidman, Maloverci, rainyday and Runningwithhamster

Visit our new POIs on Akua and Oscutune

- Changed: Drones/Planet Vessel will not approach base anymore if owner is not nearby (base idle)
- Added despawn timer also to containers (eg backpack) and show remaining time in seconds when below 1min
- When targeting a block that applies status effects these are now shown (eg shower, scanner etc)
- Adapted collision on bushes / trees: removed movement collision for several plants
- Added more precise colliders for all SV / HV closed cockpits

Visuals / Sounds:
- Added dead versions for several NPCs

- Changed type of blood effect that is shown when a NPC is hit: more red blood, less green blood
- Blood particles are now better visible
- Spotlights: when flying a CV in 3rd person view, the LOD of spotlights is ignored (ie even on very long CVs the spotlight is not switched off )
- Updated overlay for Player Drone and Turret
- Adjustment to shaders to minimize visual difference between hull blocks and 3d models
- Better animation for Zirax NPC when it gets hit.
- Tweaked animation controller of cyborg to avoid jittering (same for crawler).
- Added damage states to windows of new cockpits
- Added damage states to cockpit 07
- Added better texture for light of spotlights
- Night on Omicron is now a bit brighter
- Tweaked color mask of Cockpit 4 (color more intensive)
- Replaced green bush on Akua and white bush on Ningues with better models
- Tweaked audio of hit effects to avoid hearing particle effect too far away
- Growing plot steel has now grey color when placed (instead of white)
- Cockpits have now their default blue color when placed

GUI Polishing:
- Added airtight info to remaining blocks
- Replaced text on buttons in Map Marker list with icons
- Better row highlight in Resume Game menu
- Increased size of in-game message boxes
- Changed: Do not break line in hover text if only 1 letter is shown in new line
- Removed Temperature, Radiation, Weather and Time info when in a Turret/Player Drone

- Added possibility in Server Browser to filter servers with respect to their ping
- Added: Added "Srv_Visible" parameter to dedicated.yaml to allow hiding a server in the Server Browser
- Reset Control Panel to Main Page/Reset selected Device when opening the same structure after resuming a game
- Adapted text when trying to access a block that belongs to another faction
- Changed naming: Instead of "Trusted Server" > "Verified Server"
- Added console command to trigger base attack wave (see "help aimanager")
- Adapted server message when playfield server is shutting down
- Tutorial Scenario: you can now only choose Akua as start (before it was confusing because you could start on Omicron but no tutorial started)
- Updated console cmd "weather": better formatting
- Updated “Empyrion Admin Helper” (EAH) tool: https://eah.empyrion-homeworld.net/download
- Localized all status effects

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Playfield crash and connection lost issues (another potential fix)
- Fixed: Color difference and too bright nights in client games when the server starts up the first time
- Potential Fix: Losing faction information when joining a MP game after server has been idle for a while
- Fixed: Breathing sound on NPC's could still be heard after they are dead
- Fixed: In some situations the sound of weapons or devices could not be heard
- Fixed: Error when connection to a host was not successful
- Fixed: After renaming a signal or circuit trying to update devices to the new name was only ok for the 1st device.
- Fixed: Passenger accessing a turret was dropped out of turret after several seconds
- Fixed: Player falling through world when choosing 'spawn nearest medic station' and the medic station was far away
- Fixed: Approaching Planet Vessel (PV) base while PV was regenerating could lead to the PV falling through the ground (MP only)
- Fixed: Drones could sometimes got stuck when trying to climb up mountains
- Fixed: Drone wrecks were falling through the ground if shot down in great distance
- Fixed: When using the "fill all" button on a HV with Drills and an Ammo box, drill charges were put into Ammo Box even though the drills are not using drill charges
- Fixed: Sometimes Troop Transport was flying below terrain in MP
- Fixed: Base Attack Drones Large were not spawning
- Fixed: When you have "Restrict Blueprint" types allowed set to 'None' you could still access the BP menu & Factory.
- Fixed: Entity Spawner: Interactive Setup showed strange moving area-pattern
- Fixed: Custom signals kept appearing in the state of the last structure or vehicle visited.
- Fixed: The dropdown lists in the signals tab for on/off & lock/unlock went blank when exiting the Control Panel with them left open.
- Fixed: Fixed Faction/Player scrollbar Issue (could not scroll up/see players after scrolling to bottom in another faction)
- Fixed: Some templates were erroneously shown as craftable in Food Processor / Constructor if sub-components are not craftable (eg Growing Plot (Concrete) in Food Processor when you have Crushed Stone)
- Partially Fixed: Destroyed Blocks painting & texturing issues (we will fix the remaining blocks in A6.4)
- Fixed: When flying over water in a vessel with spotlights the water showed square shapes.
- Fixed: Looping reposition console messages when a ship happened to be at the same position as a planet.
- Fixed: Problem that console command "aimanager addtrooptransport" was not working in MP
- Fixed: Missing from "Equipment Group": closet, nightstand, kitchen corner, bathroom vanity etc
- Fixed: In the new game menu, the 'Default' scenario was sometimes showing as 'Tutorial'
- Fixed: When opening the control panel up on a sensor sometimes the 'Signal name' box to name the sensor disappeared.
- Fixed: Fast graphics preset was causing an issue with shadows on Cockpit
- Fixed: Spider was slightly hovering in air when dead
- Fixed: Using a Drill on bedrock resulted in infinite XP
- Fixed: Flare position on cube spotlight
- Fixed: Missing glass in door of SV / HV
- Fixed: When loading into a save or new game & opening the Map the planet info was blank.
- Fixed: Autogroup in control panel did not work in certain use case (eg after "add to group")
- Fixed: Control Panel: Using "Add to last group" repeatedly moved the selected device cursor down +1 instead of staying in place
- Fixed: Group control buttons and Filter missing when starting a new game for a second time after Control Panel was open
- Fixed: Problem with console cmd "aimanager adddronewave"
- Fixed: Problem with multiple defined Localization keys ('xyz' is already present)
- Fixed: Typo in the controls menu ("Brake" instead of "Break")
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions found in output logs

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2017, 01:24:30 PM »
Changelog: Alpha 6.3.1 (Build 1120)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that CV could sometimes get damaged after logging back on to a dedicated server (happened mostly when leaving a CV out in space with docked SVs)
- Fixed: Problem that some servers did not start up correctly after updating to Alpha 6.3 (problem occurred only when using Emp Admin Helper EAH tool)
- Fixed: Planet Vessel "Patrol-XS-Hard" did not work

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2017, 11:25:30 PM »
CHANGELOG: Alpha 6.4.0 (Build 1144)

- Added laser-based drill module for HV
- Added new armored doors (now there is for all non-armored doors an armored version > upgrade consistent)
- Added new soundtracks: BarrenMoon, DistantWorlds, Migration, Vanguard (Alexzander Jordon)
- Added new Tier 3 SV stock prefab: thanks to Jenniphurr (http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=962754691)
- Added new plant to Masperon
Visual / Sound:
- Improved mode "Show Airtight Blocks" (N Menu)
- Updated model of chainsaw
- Updated crashed Titan wreck on Akua - thanks to Arturius1967
- Added dead versions for more NPCs (e.g. Slime, Raptor Night and Swamp Golem etc)
- Improved animation for Talon and Total Horror.
- Reduced volume of mechanical drill (HV)
- Planet vessel: added particle effect when repairing destroyed thrusters
- Added more breathing sounds: Talon, Slime and Worm.
- Better death animation of Talon.
- Tweaked animation controllers of NPCs (eg adapted walking animation)
- Updated textures on Talon Guardian NPC (PBR shader)
- Tweaked color mask on new fighter cockpit.
- Equalized all biome background soundtracks regarding volume (music is now louder per default)
- Updated fern plant on Omicron

- Added first version of much faster line-based scrolling list (used in Server Browser)
- Added message "Picked up ()" for collectibles and harvest
- Better icon for "remove map marker".
- Added new soundtracks to Zeyhines (First Hours), Skillon (Stellar Grasp), Oscutune (Eden)
- Added + updated some loading screenshots
- Updated PDA for Multiplayer scenario
- Control Panel update:
* Hide offline protection label and home toggle for SV/HV
* Moved Home toggle to checkbox in left panel
* Added thrusters toggle in main toggles
* Turret and Thruster toggles are now greyed out when not available

- Added possibility for resource meteorites to despawn after a certain time (new yaml parameter: "DespawnDelay" - see example below)
- Activated troop transport for more Civil Settlements POIs
- All playfields are now set to PvP in SP default scenario (before you could not damage/destroy your own structures in PvE playfields, which is an anti-grief measure that does not make sense in SP)
- Growing plot is now made out of steel again (instead plastic).
- Increased the distance a SV/CV can move while you are logged off and you still get put into the cockpit from 10m to 50m
- Increased max number of resource meteorites per planet to 40

- First Version of new font management setup: In cases where a Localization is used that is not supported by our Bitmap fonts, a dynamic version of this font is now used
- Added French Localization (WIP): a big “thank you” to Eric Rosson
- Added Russian Localization (WIP): a big “thank you” to Сергей Васильев (Sergei Vasiliev)
- Improved movement of Planet Vessels
- Balancing: reduced HP of sentry guns
- Rockets destroy themselves now after 10s if they did not explode yet.
- Shared folder info text files: position and rotation do not use commas any more, fixed touched_id for local games
- Updated Localization.csv (shortened some texts, fixed typo etc).
- Added missing GER localization

New yaml parameter: DespawnDelay
- Name: IronResource
Amount: 5000
InitialDelay: 1
Delay: 24
DespawnDelay: 5 # Float [0, 10000] Delay in game hours after which asteroid will be removed. If parameter is not set or set to 0, asteroid will not despawn

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Local hosted games do not show up as friends any more
- Fixed: COOP: can not use password protection while steam_appid.txt is modified
- Fixed: COOP/MP: Using STEAM friends panel and "join game" will only open the game itself
- Fixed: Sound of Thrusters cutting out with multiple vessels close to each other.
- Fixed: NPC's walking on water
- Fixed: MP: Deactivating a Artillery Turret on a HV while other turrets are still active leads to auto-fire glitch
- Fixed: Sometimes NPCs floated above the ground (especially when resuming a save game)
- Fixed: Personal Drone will explode when using a chainsaw to cut down a tree
- Fixed: Possible to change faction after core is gone / lock to faction
- Fixed: Regeneration exploit with faction change bug (Now disabling Access to CP from Back Button in all situations where it is not normally accessible)
- Fixed: Planet Vessel not created in Survival SP for Masperon
- Fixed: MP: Planet Vessel not moving after it is "set active".
- Fixed: In PvP playfields player cores can be placed inside of regenerating bases
- Possible fix for: NPC & AI turrets sometimes don't fire at players.
- Possible fix for: Alien Turrets & Sentry turrets only shoot at 1 player & not at the other players.
- Fixed: Upgrading a non-airtight door to an armored door will not add airtight shield
- Fixed: Problem that rockets which were shot at terrain far away sometimes did not explode (esp. on clients in MP games).
- Fixed: Possible to change faction after core is gone / lock to faction (Forgot this one)
- Fixed: Problem that some alien bugs were attacking through walls
- Fixed: Problem that other players did not show in sitting animation when connecting
- Fixed: Deactivating a Artillery Turret on a HV while other turrets are still active leads to autofire glitch
- Fixed: Problem with server messages not showing up correctly in the chat when using EAH server tool
- Fixed: Destroyed Blocks painting & texturing issues
- Fixed: Meteorites sometimes can't be drilled if falling on indestructible terrain (we moved the meteorites up a little bit and they will despawn after a certain time when using new parameter DespawnDelay)
- Fixed: Jittery movement of some NPCs (eg Total Horror, Crawler etc)
- Fixed: The Drill Turrets and the Drill Module's description say they can’t be used on Resource Meteorites.
- Fixed: Problem that all SV/CV weapons automatically repeated firing when more than one weapon of the same type was used.
- Fixed: Problem that fire sound was not played on weapons like rocket launcher when you kept firing.
- Fixed: Problem with too glossy textures on some NPCs
- Fixed: Troop transport alert message & sound can be heard by other players
- Fixed: After clicking on 'Access' in the control panel to enter a turret the control panel stays open until you press escape.
- Fixed: Draw distance of Ramps & Shutters 1x1 is shorter than other sizes. At short distances they become invisible.
- Fixed: When loading into a save or new game & opening the map the planet info is blank.
- Fixed: Player did not collide with other players or NPCs in MP
- Fixed: Visual issue with language button in Misc menu
- Fixed: Map Markers: Shrink instead of overlap
- Fixed: MP: Dangerous Space has 2x Omicron Station
- Fixed: Chat does not show from Mod when typing in Faction chat (now shows in either Faction or Global chat, depending which the player has open at the time)
- Fixed: Problem with NPC spawning in scenario: Invader vs Defender
- Fixed: NEW GAME info regarding "Start Location" was misleading when using any other Scenario than the "default" one
- Fixed: Error linked to picture format of loading screen pic
- Fixed: Problem that certain save games could not be resumed
- Fixed: CP Main Page input outlines sometimes showing incorrectly
- Fixed: Several problems with particle effects on AI Vessel
- Fixed: Map Marker panel sometimes being selected on First Open of map in a New Game
- Fixed: When you kill 'AlienBug03' its corpse turns into a dead Plant monster.
- Fixed: Some colliders on non-armored doors
- Fixed: Problem that third person colliders were active the first time you entered the game
- Fixed: Marketplace: Buy-Notification shows all decimals (Now only showing 2 decimal places)
- Fixed: Marketplace: Info hover text does not close / reappears
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2017, 01:01:43 PM »
i already used those new armored doors :)

If we ever need to change those meteorites we can adjust them but for now the default is fine so they do not despawn.

And the drill for HVs is to powerfull according to ppl on the emp forums lol.

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2017, 01:17:40 PM »
Okay to get this new 6.5 update we have to OPT into beta in steam. So for now i will just leave the server on 6.4.1 till we are together on TS.

i am going to my sister tonight and i can be back @6PM EST but i am not sure.

EDIT: they just made the 6.5.0 update public so i updated our server program and server so we are good to go! Cya'll later tonight or tomorrow  8)
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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #7 on: July 21, 2017, 10:23:04 PM »
thanks Kevin, now here is what's in the update...

Changelog: Alpha 6.5.0 (Build 1171)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Control panel GUI sometimes showed the wrong labels or no info in 'Devices' & 'Signal Logic'.
- Fixed: Exception when using "AutoGroup" in Control Panel
- Fixed: Exception when clicking on missing devices of starter blocks.
- Fixed: Exception when clicking on auto group of a damaged vessel or base which has devices ungrouped.


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to release Alpha 6.5 with our new coop multiplayer mode, replacing the old P2P-IP connect method. Days are gone where you had to fiddle around with port forwarding, your router settings or just with finding out the correct IP to connect to!

Setting up a Local Coop Server for having fun with a few friends is as easy as “click and play”:
1. Go to NEW GAME - as you would have for setting up a P2P game in the past
2. Instead of clicking START, use the dropdown and click COOP SERVER
Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to release Alpha 6.5 with our new coop multiplayer mode, replacing the old P2P-IP connect method. Days are gone where you had to fiddle around with port forwarding, your router settings or just with finding out the correct IP to connect to!

Setting up a Local Coop Server for having fun with a few friends is as easy as “click and play”:
1. Go to NEW GAME - as you would have for setting up a P2P game in the past
2. Instead of clicking START, use the dropdown and click COOP SERVER
3. This will bring up a dialogue where you can configure the main parameters for your local coop server:
4. Your friends can now easily join your game, either via the friends tab in the in-game server browser or via "Join Game" by clicking on a friend in the Steam client

IMPORTANT: for starting a local coop server you need to switch EAC to OFF!

Alpha 6.5 also adds a new Scenario, updates to NPC combat, improved motorbike handling, re-balancings and visual improvements in terms of medical stuff and player status HUD icons as well as a slew of tweaks for gameplay, sound and visuals. Get the full list below!

As always, please report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha 6.5 here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/global-gameplay-bug-reports-alpha-6-5-x.12391

Thanks a lot!


Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 6.5.0 (Build 1170)

New Local Coop Server:
- Integrated new coop mode via local coop server
- Implemented resuming a non coop game in coop mode
- Automatically creating the adminconfig.yaml file with the game creator configured as admin (if there is already a adminconfig.yaml, no new file will be created)
- Added internal fixed default values for local coop: Antigrief zones deactivated, no restrictions on number of structures etc

New Scenario:

- Integrated new community made scenario: "Shadows of Starlight" https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=971651504
- A big thanks to "amurayiwestgate" and "Taun Hawk"
- In our opinion, this scenario is really awesome. Let us know what you think.

Improved NPC Combat:
- Added rotation speed to NPC (each NPC now has a different rotation speed when turning around)
- More realistic shooting of NPC (now they must rotate completely towards player before they shoot). Note: We will add bullet dispersion soon.
- Adjusted detection angle of several NPCs: increased or decreased depending on the type of NPC (eg dinos now have a 270 degrees angle while eg Zirax have a smaller angle)

- Increased strength of all medipacks by 50% + medipacks are healing faster now.
- Reduced hit points of NPC spawners to make them easier to destroy with weapons.
- Slightly reduced weapon damage of NPC distant weapons
- Rebalanced armor values of some devices (eg turrets take now damage from handheld weapons)
- Explosives are more effective against devices now (eg doors) and less effective against hull blocks
- Reduced damage inflicted by Zirax shotgun.
- Reduced degradation of Player Armor
- Reduced HP and RoF of sentry guns.
- Slightly reduced damage inflicted by Mechanoid robot
- Slightly reduced range of HV artillery to stay below range of some BA player turrets (however, HV artillery is still above range of POI turrets)

Better Handling of Motorbike:

- Tweaked motorbike: overall better handling (eg better turning + acceleration and slightly faster top speed)
- Tweaked motorbike start and stop sound
- Driving sound of motorbike is now less loud

- Changed: Allow exit of Vessel at 0.1 or 0.2 m/s instead of 0
- Updated rotation speed of turrets (now turrets rotate a bit slower and there is a difference in rotation speeds between turrets).
- Set turret to neutral position when idle
- Handheld weapons now auto-reload when they are empty and ammo is available
- Reduced range of explosion damage for several devices when they are destroyed
- Increased head shot bonus on several weapons
- Tweaked collider on spiders and alien bugs (more difficult to hit head for head shoot bonus)

Visuals and Sounds:
- Updated cockpit 6 based on builder feedback (fits now better to our blocks)
- Removed 3d blood particle effect in first-person view. We now only show the 2d blood particle effect on the screen
- Tweaked animation controller of several NPCs (adapted walking anim)
- Added destroyed version of Armored Golem.
- Tweaked heavy snow effect: smaller particles, less fast, larger area where they drop
- Tweaked open/close sound of barrels: a bit lower volume.
- Tweaked sound of generator: a bit lower volume and reduced distance from which it can be heard.
- Tweaked death sound and hit animation of Zirax
- Destroyed drone sound (fire) is heard less far
- NPC sound is now heard less far (40m instead of 50m)
- Slightly reduced intensity of player light.
- Tweaked sound of laser rifle
- Better rotation animation for NPCs
- Tweaked sound of assault rifles T1 and T2
- Adjusted camera to avoid clipping of laser shots that hit player
- Tweaked weapon hold position of Assault Rifle T1
- Updated Alien Fern planet: better wind movement on plant
- Updated damage texture for Mechanoid, Player Drone and Enemy Drone
- Decreased distance at which HUD objects disappear from 15m to 5m
- Status Effect icons in player window now use new tooltip style
- Changed: Color of Status Effects (good status effects are green, bad effects are red)
- Changed: Color of life stats and durability in player window (Yellow if < 200, Red if < 100)
- Tweaked biome sound on Akua Open Plains (removed annoying cricket sound during night)
- Reduced volume of footsteps
- Added icon for "All" button in Constructor filter
- Improved visuals of the dedi window

Better list behavior in Control Panel:
- Added new line-based scrolling list in Control Panel. This new list is much faster than the old list (especially noticeable for structures with a lot of devices)
- Better search in CP device list: Now also showing objects in collapsed groups
- Now keep selection when re-opening CP and not looking at another Block
- Re-Implemented select next block when grouping in CP List

- Added new SV Tier 5 Stock prefab. Thanks to McFluffFace http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843756644

- Added white slime to Ningues
- Added spinosaurus to Masperon Swamp and added small dino to Oscutune
- Server browser list: Line-scrolling list now supports scrolling with the mouse wheel
- Added Russian as Bitmap font (ie font is crisper now)
- Server browser's "Connect" button is now disabled if no list entry is selected or the manually entered IP address is invalid
- Temporarily deactivated PDA Mission "delicious green eating"
- Drill T1 has now same capacity as T2 and it is now made clearer that T2 drill is a major upgrade to T1
- Now writing client side console command executions into the log

- Updated Russian: thanks to Sergei Vasiliev, rainyday, foxes and Runningwithhamsters
- Updated French: thanks to Eric Rosson, Kassonnade, Spartan47 and woowoo
- Added Japanese: thanks to Metapo

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that audio on several weapons did not play correctly (especially when firing just one shot on automatic weapons)
- Fixed: Turret shooting: turret could hit player even though player is in turret’s “dead angle” -> now gun elevation/depression of each turret is taken into account
- Fixed: Problem that several NPCs did have a shooting sound anymore
- Fixed: Drill on HV is loud in the beginning but after 2sec the volume becomes normal
- Fixed: Server detail infos not shown anymore
- Fixed: Problem that is was possible for players who don't have any admin permissions in MP to change the weather.
- Fixed: Problem that Alien Bug 04 could shoot through walls in certain use cases.
- Fixed: After having aggravated NPC you can lose the aggressive state shortly after by running around the NPC.
- Fixed: Homing missiles don't circle around you any more
- Fixed: Problem that turrets did not hit reliable anymore
- Fixed: Random COQ and lost connection from dedicated server
- Fixed: First Explosive placed on an enemy block does not damage block
- Fixed: Several problems with backwards-build vessels
- Fixed: Max-Speed not available for Up/Down/Left/Right if Front/Back thrusters were deactivated
- Fixed: Backwards-build vessel with missing front thruster had 7m/s speed cap
- Fixed: HV T2 Drill effect stays active when changing a slot while in use
- Fixed: Problem with range of particle effect of drill attachment T2 (inconsistency between effect and visuals)
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes thrusters stayed on even though they should be switched off
- Fixed: Problem with flares on motorbike were shining through player
- Fixed: Problem that motorbike turned into the folded version even though player was driving it
- Fixed: Motorbike not as responsive as expected = not really fun to drive
- Fixed: LOD of various 'Tech Equipment Deco' is very low.
- Fixed: When loading into a save or new game & opening the Map the planet info was blank.
- Fixed: Problem that some rocks were floating in air.
- Fixed: Visual issue when Sun shines behind a Planet in the foreground
- Fixed: Texture artifacts on Cockpit 6 (long fighter cockpit)
- Fixed: Placing 2 Repair Bays possible by using Mirror Mode
- Fixed: Problem with re-filling after having used sorting in new line-scrolling list
- Fixed: The temperature of the Furnace doesn't change when it is disabled via CP
- Fixed: Line-scrolling list auto-selection (lead to flickering when entering an IP address in multiplayer window)
- Fixed: Drop grid not functioning properly in Mod Item Exchange Window
- Fixed: Preview pics subtitles did not work with non-latin text
- Fixed: Several localization issues
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Re: EGS Update notes...
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Changelog: Alpha 6.5.3 (Build 1179)

Shot dispersion of NPCs and AI turrets:
- Added variance to shooting of NPCs: when a NPC shoots at you, it only hits you with a certain probability (depends on your distance to NPC and your speed)

- Motorbike: the "look around with mouse" mode is now active per default when sitting on a motorbike
- Changed: Now turrets and NPCs are also using rotate speed limitation for looking up/down

- Updated Localization: FR, RU, JAP (thanks to Eric Rosson, Sergei, Metapo)
- Replaced model for Dining Table Bench (deco)
- Replaced models for Armor Locker
- Added better open/close sounds for containers and other boxes
- Tweaked loading animation sprite
- Apply renaming also when clicking outside of renaming input field
- Updated soundtracks: Fall of Hyperion, Distant Worlds
- When removing a cargo box or similar and your inventory is full, after 1st drop containers is dropped with content of the box a warning message is displayed (when continuing to remove cargo boxes with full inventory only every 15sec are new drop containers is dropped). Reason: too many drop containers have a huge impact on performance
- Updated EAC (version 2017-07-18)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Local Coop Server did not work with Workshop-subscribed scenarios
- Fixed: Could move CV if a docked SV was disassembled
- Fixed: Exit HV lead to the player "looking into the sky"
- Fixed: Some GUI elements were missing text in Japanese language
- Fixed: Using mirror mode with Cargo Boxes could cause them to be mirrored wrong & cause boxes to be removed but still be visually there.
- Fixed: In PDA Mission "Delicious green eating Akua / Omicron" no trigger was working in MP
- Fixed: 3rd Person view was reset to default for pilot as soon as passenger accessed device
- Fixed: Placing Drill Module T2 - Laser on HV prefab Tier5a after removing the Drill Modules & opening the CP an exception was produced.
- Fixed: Group collapsing after Renaming a Block in CP List
- Fixed: When no Turret or mounted weapons was on a vessel or base the CP showed the wrong localisation under 'Ammunition'.
- Potential fix for NullRef: "The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object '<null>') is missing!" on playfield servers
- ModApi: Possible fix for problem that sometimes imported structures got immediately wiped after spawn

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Re: EGS Update notes...
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Alpha 6.6: Convenience and Builder Tools

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With Alpha 6.6, we added a few new convenience features. You can now switch weapons while the reload animation is in progress. Moreover, for all long range or dogfight pilots, you can now use the new auto-brake to make use of inertia movement in space.

For our builders, we not only increased the range of the texture and paint tools but you can also make use of the mirror planes for painting and texturing! In addition, we fixed the issues with some of the blocks not mirroring correctly. Please have a look and report remaining issues in our bug thread!

For our playfield and planet creators, we slightly changed the rules on how POIs and ore deposits are placed: You can now use the random and fixed mode at the same time and in any combination! For more info, please have a closer look at the “Improved POI / Resource Spawning” paragraph below. We also created a first iteration of the Playfield Reference sheet with all the NPCs, Deco and Textures you can use to build awesome locations over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/handbook-playfield-reference-sheet-v0-1.12646/unread
Feedback is very much appreciated! ;-)

Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum! http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

Finally, we are proud to announce that - thanks to the efforts of some of your community members - “Empyrion - Galactic Survival” is now available in 11 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Euro and Brazil), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional). For now, the PDA also has been translated into French, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Japanese (partially) and Chinese (simplified). Of course there are always new words and terms to translate and some of those are not 100% complete yet, but we think this is a major achievement and a good sign of a great and supportive community, we can be proud of!

If you want to assist with a language not yet added or offer help/make corrections, just get in touch via loca@empyriongame.com subject: Localization help

Finally, as everyone might be interested where we are going from here: Alpha 7.0 is already in pre-production and although we did not yet talk about a Alpha 7.0 roadmap (because it tends to change quickly), we plan to give you more information about Alpha 7.0 next week.

Have fun with Alpha 6.6! :)

Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 6.6.0 (Build 1197)

- Added possibility to switch weapons while reloading
- Increased range of color tool and texture tool
- Added possibility to enable/disable the "auto-brake" of vessels. You can toggle the auto-break on/off with the default key "i" (key can be re-mapped)
- Improved “Size Class” calculation: we adjusted formula to weight triangles more and we are now using the 'real' number of triangles. You must save your blueprint again so that the new formula takes effect.
- Increased structure limit in Single Player from 64 to 200

- Toolbar can now be removed when pressing the middle mouse button (the default button can be re-mapped)
- Color and texture tool now also work with symmetry planes
- Elevated some console commands to Moderator level and we now display the permission level for all console commands
- Added message when there is another structure in the area where the player wants to spawn a blueprint.
- When a file system error occurs after publishing a scenario, no info was given. Now a helpful message box is displayed.
- To allow deleted Workshop scenarios to be re-published a 'Remove link' button is now displayed in that case. If you deleted your scenario on Steam, you need to click that button to remove the published-info from the game files. Otherwise you can not re-upload your scenario.
- Added 2 seconds timeout to control panel buttons (lights, turrets and main tasks) to avoid misuse
- Added info about savegame version on first start to client.log and console
- Some renaming of stock prefabs + updated all stock prefabs due to improved class calculation

Visuals / Audio:
- Added new bloom effect
- Added a new seamless emissive texture for building blocks
- Improved water shader
- Added smoke to destroyed Armored Golem
- Updated models for holo screens, shower, toilet, kitchen counter, bathroom counter and repair bay
- Added “auto-brake” on/off information to Ship Stats
- Tweaked some tree billboards
- Slightly improved textures on player armor

New Stock Prefabs:
- Added new stock prefab tier 1 SV - thanks to Nickodemos:
- Added new stock prefab tier 6 HV - thanks to MisterCrow:

Improved POI / Resource Spawning:
- It is now possible to use the Fixed and / or Random parts in every combination (if both are used, the fixed stuff is placed first)
- It is now possible to use different distances for SpawNear and SpawnAvoid (SpawnPOINearDistance and SpawnPOIAvoidDistance)
- It is now possible to place random resources around fixed POIs (however, you have to define the available pool of resources in RandomResources first)
- POI-related resources are now placed before the purely random placed resources to assure being allowed to still place them
- Added distance variation to placement of resources around a POI

New Localization:
- Added Portuguese (Brazil): community translation by FabioZumbi12
- Added Italian: community translation by Leo F.
- Added Chinese: community translation by Ken Guo (simplified) + professional translation (traditional)
- Added Spanish and Portuguese (EU): professional translation

Updated Localization:
- French: Spartan47
- Russian: Sergei
- Japanese: Metapo

Added new languages for PDA:
- Chinese (simplified): thanks to Ken Guo
- Russian: thanks to Sergei
- Portuguese (Brazil): thanks to FabioZumbi12
- French: thanks to Spartan47
- Japanese (added partly): thanks to Metapo

GUI Improvements:
- Added horizontal scrolling for main Construction Queue
- Added "expand/collapse" for all device groups
- Show active Symmetry Plane when enabling Build Settings menu
- Keep renamed device names when using AUTO-GROUP in Control panel
- Localized Blueprint Window "Filter" text
- Added mouse wheel scrolling to control remap panel
- Optimization for Control Panel numerical assignments
- Some more anchor optimizing for GUI
- Added Unit measurement formatting

- Event Console Command
- Event Structure destroyed due to wipe/decay
- Event_ConsoleCommand added player entity id
- Console Command: Return Error

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Several symmetry and mirror tool building issues (eg large blocks, wings, several windows and other hull blocks were not correctly mirrored, sometimes it could happen that a block was not mirrored etc)
- Fixed: Problem that HVs were sliding on small slopes
- Fixed: NPC Nightmares can clip through blocks of vessels & can cause damage to the avatar inside
- Fixed: Player hovering in air when drilling down
- Fixed: Player could use elevator even if not inside elevator
- Fixed: Curved stairs were impossible to get up unless jumping
- Fixed: When starting a local co-op game with the Shadows of Starlight scenario, NPC sounds could be heard that shouldn't be heard.
- Fixed: Blueprint factory was accepting certain items that it should not accept (factory now returns sub-items it does not need for the Blueprint to be produced)
- Fixed: Problem with buried turrets shooting through terrain
- Fixed: Error when using a banned workshop scenario
- Fixed: Problem with dropping items or a backpack onto a rock resulted in them going through the rock so that they became unreachable (MP)
- Fixed: Possible to shoot with fully covered SV guns through blocks
- Fixed: Large Plasma Drones were not counted for the mission Drone Hunter.
- Fixed: Problem that when spawning a base, parts of it could be within an anti-grief area and you could not add blocks to your own base
- Fixed: Problem with "The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object '<null>') is missing!" appearing in many output logs
- Fixed: Cube Half did not show Letters and Numbers correctly on the back face
- Fixed: Not possible to walk onto a 2nd set of freestanding stairs
- Fixed: Problem that "SpawnResource" did not work with POIs
- Fixed: Beam of color tool and texture tool lagged behind when moving the tool around quickly
- Fixed: Turning off forward facing thrusters no longer allowed vessels in orbit to cruise.
- Fixed: "Publish Scenario" option was available for some stock scenarios
- Fixed: Subscribing to a workshop BP whilst in-game caused the in-game BP list for workshop BP's to go blank until relaunch of game
- Fixed: Deleting the last Scenario from Steam Workshop allowed re-publishing what lead to an error
- Fixed: When you killed an Armored Golem, its corpse was still standing with a walking animation
- Fixed: Circuit signal got lost when the referenced output signal was from a circuit below
- Fixed: "Dawn of Galaxy" scenario Maiy Mission 2 Gardening "Harvest Crops" never completed
- Fixed: Issue with mirror plane still mirroring with no location set
- Fixed: Light and Turret toggles could still be switched while awaiting switch timer, leading to sometimes wrong state
- Fixed: Problem that player in no faction could block a portal that was set to LockedToFaction
- Fixed: Problem that Corn Dog Snow had normal Corn Dog as harvest stage
- Fixed: Problem that Dimple Dome Snow had wrong harvest stage.
- Fixed: Added missing loca strings for several devices and GUI
- Fixed: Missing text for HUD Objects for dynamic font localizations (eg Japanese)

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Re: EGS Update notes...
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Alpha 6.7: Signal Logic Update, Hull Textures and "Road to Alpha 7" Empyrion - Galactic Survival - EmpyrionGame

The above screenshot is from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch. You might notice the steep mountain in the background. We have increased the max height of mountains to 500m.

UPDATE: August 28, 2017 - Build 1212 (Client only)

This is a CLIENT side update which means you can connect to any server that is running A6.7.0 B1211.

Changelog: Alpha Experimental 6.7.0 (Build 1212)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Symmetry plane auto centers after turning it off and back on until plane is reset to where you originally placed it.
- Fixed: When using a Symmetry plane it was possible to mirror a Warp Drive, Warp Tank and Repair bay
- Fixed: SV prefab Tier 1E contained forbidden blocks.
- Fixed: Problem that TriCount showed 2 numbers in Stats window

- Higher resolution of color masks for building blocks


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Alpha 6.7. It is a relatively small update for our standards because behind the scenes we are already working hard on Alpha 7.0.

In Alpha 6.7, we implemented the signal logic (sensors and triggers) also for SV and HV and updated some textures on building blocks (yes - we now have a nice metallic looking hull texture). We are planning to update a lot more building block textures for Alpha 7.0. We also updated the model for the Pulse Rifle and added more tiers for it.

Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum: http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

We prepared a first blog post for the "Road to Alpha 7" (see below). We are planning to update you regularly about the development process of Alpha 7.0.


Empyrion Dev Team
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