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Author Topic: EGS Update notes...  (Read 26 times)

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EGS Update notes...
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:10:23 PM »
Changelog: Alpha 6.1.0 (Build 1094)

- Added new cockpit
- Added spotlight slope block
- Added spotlight blocks for CVs
- Added new destroyed hull blocks + updated existing ones
- Added "folded" version of Motorbike: Motorbike will convert into this "energy-save" mode after 5 minutes if placed on terrain and not used (note: idle motorbikes that just stand around are very "expensive" in terms of performance)

Visuals / Sounds:
- Tweaked sounds of drones, vessel weapons and base weapons, as well as NPCs so that they are not heard anymore over the whole playfield
- Replaced drop container, bag and backpack with better models (say goodbye to the old Samsonite suitcase)
- Updated GUI for Terrain Placeables (O2 Generator, H2 Generator, Autominer, etc)

- Updated and improved in-game chat
- Drop Containers now immediately de-spawn when emptied
- "Back" button in container windows is disabled if player does not have faction access to a structure
- Repairing AI Planet Vessel when it returns to its docking platform
- Added info to planet description (Akua) that there is a tutorial
- Removed water bottle from PDA task
- Added proper preview pic for Dead Plant (large) and Dead Plant (small)
- Better console command description for 'remoteex'
- Added better description to Motorbike
- Renamed raptor into dinosaur

- Adapted start equipment on all starting planets (eg Survival Constructor in inventory): What do you think about this change?
- Growing Plot is now airtight
- Updated PDA: Huntsmen Akua
- Removed collision for Akua berry bush and other bushes.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem when subscribing multiple Blueprints with same title from Workshop
- Fixed: Error when uploading Workshop item to workshop in certain situations
- Fixed: Deco / grass not removed from POIs in certain situations
- Fixed: Owner of Faction is shown as "Member" for other members of the faction
- Fixed: Can not promote member beyond member
- Fixed: Traders falling through ground on planets in certain situations
- Fixed: Mech NPC can sometimes get stuck on some blocks & shoot through blocks when stuck on them
- Fixed: Mech and Zirax NPC shoot through hull blocks in certain situations
- Fixed: Exploit when changing faction (or gaining access to any device) of another player's structure using Lock Code
- Fixed: Sector map shows wrong lines / arrows in conjunction with allow|deny control
- Fixed: Deactivating Vessel per Y button leads to instant-perish-drop/spoil of food in fridges (MP)
- Fixed: Plants randomly dying related to adding & removing blocks, devices or plants of other bases in the same playfield
- Fixed: Can not damage/destroy blocks of a downed PV
- Fixed: Patrol Vessels is sometimes indestructible (MP)
- Fixed: Player collider is sticking through thin walls / windows when looking down and thus NPC can shoot you through the wall
- Fixed: When in the same playfield as other players jetpack & motorcycle sounds can be heard from far away
- Fixed: Problem that autominer removed terrain when placed
- Fixed: Escape pod isn't accessible in some places.
- Fixed: Removing a Landing Gear T2 from a SV returns a Landing Gear T1
- Fixed: NPC sound can be heard from far away (MP)
- Fixed: Regeneration Exploit Grief
- Fixed: Error spam when player dies in certain situations
- Fixed: Promote/Demote buttons not showing correctly after Promoting/Demoting in Faction Window
- Fixed: Radiation Pills: Health is noted twice in the info popup
- Fixed: Player inventory (TAB) shows "body temperature" in C although set to F
- Fixed: Dead Plant could be placed on normal hull blocks (now it can only be placed in Growing Plots)
- Fixed: Repair Bay and Ventilator missing airtight block info
- Fixed: Exception in Menu Tab Selection Window (support email: #F4279)
- Fixed: Error when manually completing PDA jobs while chapter is deactivated (support email: #A76BB)
- Fixed: Several issues, missing faces / damage states with destroyed blocks
- Fixed: Chat input field is stripping out characters
- Fixed: Looping messages in server logs
- Fixed: Several other internal exceptions found in output logs sent in by our players

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Re: EGS Update notes...
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 02:35:53 AM »
Hotfix 2: June 15, 2017 - Build 1098 (Client only)

We just released another hotfix for the Blueprint library. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Blueprint library doesn't recognize factory and produced Blueprints
- Fixed: Unable to move through damaged block colliders.
- Fixed: Group Name missing from Blueprint Window
- Fixed: Error in Sector Map if POI Information is Missing for Space Playfields (support email #645AE)


Hi Galactic Survivalist,

We just released a hotfix that fixes the blueprint library bug. In addition, you are now able to build / repair your SV, HV and CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI.

Please continue to report all gameplay bugs found in Alpha 6.1.1 over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-6-1.11707

Changelog: Alpha 6.1.1 (Build 1097)

- Allow to build / repair SV, HV, CV in a no-build zone of a regenerative POI
- Tweak to chat: Reduced line spacing in individual messages
- AI Space Vessel: avoid SV changing speed when launching a fighter
- Added first version of "star twinkling" effect during night on planets with atmosphere
- Tweaked start position in Taipane Instance: now you are protected from sentry fire
- Updated model of spotlights
- Tweaked flare on sloped spotlight so that it can be better seen (+ added better flare to all spotlights)
- Tweaked sound on repair station so that it is not heard all over playfield.
- Folded motorbike: direct pickup instead of container access
- Added some missing Localization
- Adjusted tooltips in Control Panel, Constructors and Creative Windows to use new style
- 'ents' console command now also outputting internal structure temperature
- Tweaked sound of Mech NPC

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when opening Blueprint menu
- Fixed: Mech NPC's still shooting through blocks in certain situations (if you still find use cases please send us the save game)
- Fixed: Error when looking at a player bike in energy-save mode
- Fixed: Space Drones starting from drone bases are sunk in blocks
- Fixed: Spotlight shining through hull
- Fixed: Problem that you could not re-spawn in Taipane Instance (now medic stations are set to public)
- Fixed: LOD Problem with Pumpkin Plant Stage 3
- Fixed: PV that rebuilds itself does not rebuild destroyed weapons
- Fixed: Missing GER localisation
- Fixed: Exception linked to map markers (support email: #18883)
- Fixed: Internal exception (support email: #7CBB3)