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September 02, 2016, 10:51:31 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

Welcome to Armed Global Warfare ARK!

ARK releases it's new expansion pack "Scorched Earth" ($19.99 USD) & lots of other fixes in v246, this looks like some serious fun, check the video & details below..

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot_NIoBE0j8" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot_NIoBE0j8</a>

Stranded naked, dehydrated and starving on a fiery, drought-ridden desert world, players must immediately seek water, hunt for food, harvest new flora, craft new items, and build shelter from the extreme heat. Players who survive the harsh arid conditions can travel back and forth from the Scorched Earth map to the ARK: Survival Evolved main game, taking with them newly collected tools, weapons, and their new tamed creatures to impress their friends and dazzle their combatants.

Note: this update is a biggy... 8.0GB's... enjoy!

Current Version: v246.1
* Fixed a critical server and client performance issue! Immediate upgrade of all servers is highly recommended!
* Fixed issue with losing Engrams on downloading Survivor via Cross-ARK Transfer.
* Fixed insulation calculation bug that caused spontaneous death in some bases. Requires Server Update.
* Fixed issue that was causing item tooltips not to appear in singleplayer mode (and thus the item management hotkeys not to work).
* Giganotosaurus no longer harvests wood. Requires Server Update.
* Poison Wyvern tertiary 'C' ground attack is now Wing-Flap Wind, not Snarl. Requires Server Update.
* Diseases no longer persist across Survivor cross-server travel. Requires Server Update.
* One-time Official PvE TheIsland Server rollback to fix deletion of bases around mountain no-build areas. Disabled use of mountain no-build areas on Official PvE.

* Scorched Earth Expansion Integration!
* Cross-ARK travel & Cross-Official-Server Transfer via Supply Crates & Obelis Terminals
* New Structure: Large Ceiling Dino Doors (Stone, Metal, Adobe)
* NVIDIA Ansel support (Launch ARK with the NVIDIA Ansel launch option (or -allowansel), Alt-F2 during singleplayer gameplay, and [Delete] in spectator mode to access Depth of Field menu!)
July 28, 2016, 10:50:05 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Welcome to Armed Global Warfare ARK!

ARK releases version 245, with some new dino's, new biome's on The Center map, a new free expansion called Primitive + & get out your fishing poll out... it's time to go fishing!!

Version: v245

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRYl8iznKvc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRYl8iznKvc</a>

* TheCenter mega-update! (New Biomes, New Islands, New Caves & Creature Spawns, etc)
* New Creature: Pelagornis!
* New Creature: Allosaurus!
* New Item: Fishing Rod + Fishing Mechanic! (Just Sap and Leech Blood baits for now, but many more baits will be added in the next day!)
* New Official Total Conversion: Primitive+, optimized, 'completed', and packaged as Free DLC

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8w5O0xoG4o" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8w5O0xoG4o</a>

* New Structure: Industrial Grinder: grinds items into a portion of their crafting resources, converts resources into simpler resources
* New Structure: Spiral Staircase (Stone/Wood/Metal)
* New Mechanic: Optional Hitmarkers for ranged attacks (server can toggle them, as well as client if the server allows it). Default enabled, "?AllowHitMarkers=false" to disable. Also, server crosshair is now enabled by default, "?ServerCrosshair=false" to disable. There are now client options to disable these effects locally as well.
* Building Attack/Destruction TribeLogs
* UI Option to colorize item name texts based on quality level.
* Offline Raid Protection mode now disables PIN Locking, and Structures in Caves no longer get ORP.
June 23, 2016, 11:08:40 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 7 | Comments: 0

Welcome to Armed Global Warfare ARK!

ARK releases version 243, with some new dino's, a new Redwood Forest biome on the Island map & a lot more, take a look...

Version: v243

* New Creature: Titanosaurus!
* New Item: Gas Mask!
* New Item: Herbivore "TastyCakes"
* New Item: Chain Bola Ammo for Ballista Turret!
* New Structure: Retractable Rope Ladders!
* New Structure: Tree Sap Taps!
* New Structures: Wood and Metal Tree Platforms!
* New Mechanic: Custom Tripwire Alarm Notifications via SurviveTheArk.com (E-mail and Forum). Optionally Tribes can post to arbritrary URL, if they have a custom system! Now if someone's raiding your base, you can get on top of it! Note: you need to be in a Tribe (even a Tribe of one by yourself) for this feature to be utilized!
* Biome Update: Snow Extension & New Redwood Forests (this is a major environmental overhaul!)
* Ruins

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTrHCRJcrTQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTrHCRJcrTQ</a>

* GroundClutter effect extended 50% further and +20% more GPU efficiency
* Approximate +5% GPU performance improvement related to more efficient foliage culling
* Approximate +10% Server CPU gains related to more network multi-threading
* Added option to disable Inventory Sounds.
* Balled Doed's are no longer invincible to Tamed Dino melee attacks -- now just very, very resistant to them.
* Magnfiying Glass now displays creature Torpor stats (on Wild creatures too).
* Tribe Alliances now disabled in Offline Raid mode (too complex to determine if anyone in an Alliance is around), C4/Traps can no longer be placed near Offline-Raid Protected Structures, and Offline-Raid mode now forces all Structures to be Lockable so that players can "Lock" Crop Plots to prevent their turrets from being disabled.
* New Server Option: "?PreventTribeAlliances=true" to prevent tribe alliances
* Engagement with Wild Naturally-Fleeing & Small creatures (tiny bugs etc) no longer trigger combat music
* Tamed Dinos that are following a submerged allied Target will not attempt to float to the surface of the water, but rather will attempt to stay at the depth of their allied Target. (helpful when deliberately going deep-diving your tamed land Dinos). However, Dinos that are capable of suffocating will try to surface if they are out of Oxygen regardless!
* Vaults can no longer be dropped onto saddle platforms
* Transfer-All/Drop-All methods now only drop/transfer what is currently disabled in the inventory, respecting any filters/folders you may have active (so for example, if you're within a folder, it will only transfer those items, or if you have a text filter active, etc).
* Fixed an issue where pillars were not being calculated correctly as foundations when building pillars downwards
* Massive +33% rendering gains with any translucent rendering (particles, greenhouse windows, etc). Yay for eliminating unnecessary SceneColor resolves!
* Game.INI values to scale the the 5 kinds of XP earned: Generic (automatic over time), Crafting, Harvesting, Killing, and SpecialEvents: "KillXPMultiplier","HarvestXPMultiplier","CraftXPMultiplier","GenericXPMultiplier","SpecialXPMultiplier" (all 1.0 by default)
* Tamed & Wild Gigas Damage reduced by 50%, Wild Giga HP reduced by 40%, Tamed Giga Run Speed reduced by 30%, Tamed Giga HP reduced by 25%, Giga Stamina Increased by 30%. Tamed Gigas now require/consume 50% less food for subsistence.
* Tamed Ptero Damage reduced by 30%
* Fixed a rare PhysX crash that would bring down servers on occasion. Seemingly free of any more PhysX-crashes now!
* Fixed bug where Wild Giganotosaurus and other dinos would not respawn properly until the server was relaunched.
* Added two additional levels to gain, for Players and Dinos
* Server Note: To allow your Server's Titanosaurs to be permanently tamed (namely allow them to be Fed), launch your server with this commandline option: ?AllowRaidDinoFeeding=true
However, note that TheIsland currently only spawns 3 Titanosaurs whatsoever, so 3 Tamed ones would ultimately block any more Wild ones from spawning.
June 02, 2016, 11:57:46 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Welcome to Armed Global Warfare ARK!

ARK releases version 242 & this one has a lot packed inside, take a look...

Current Version: v242.2
* Fixed an issue where some mods were causing certain creatures to have 0 Food or not gain any Food from eating. Requires server update.
* Fixed Supply Crates being destroyed when there was one remaining removable item left
* Fixed too-high Quetz Food consumption rate
* Fixed Plant Species X turrets firing when previously built on prevented Dino Platforms. (they're not supposed to unless overriden)
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed incorrect TheCenter dedicated server content. If you are hosting a dedicated server of TheCenter and people are having trouble connecting, please make sure you have this update. Thank you!
* 'ARK's Awesome Anniversary' 1-week Event: Get Ready to Make some Birthday Wishes for Limited Run Items!
* New Creature: Diplodocus!
* New Creature: Leech!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCptFi1elDQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCptFi1elDQ</a>

* New Structure: Training Dummy. You can attack this dummy without fear of destroying it, and it will display floating Damage Per Second values so you can see how strong your Dino Army really is.
* New Mechanic: Permanent Diseases & Cures (Player-Contagious Swamp Fever!!!!)
* Tribe Groups Phase 2: Support for Limited Non-Admin Invites & Promotions/Demotions per Group! Also "Prevent Dino Unclaiming" checkbox, and other new per-Rank options.
* Dragon Arena
* Added option for PvE Servers to disable building around critical resource node regions
* Added server option to override per-Item Crafting costs
* Added server option to override the loot tables for each kind of supply crate
* Added server option to limit number of members in Tribes. Default: no limit.
* Added 'Follow Range' ( Low/Medium/Far) Setting Per Tamed Dino
* Multi-Seat Saddles (Galli, Diplodocus, etc) Dinos now have an option to Enable Public Seating. Dino Taxi service, ahoy!!!
* Servers can now optionally enable an "offline raiding prevention" mode which will make Dinos/Structures invincible if no owner is logged-in (indicated via the head whether the owner player/tribe is logged-in or not). Recommend that server owners utilize this with care, as it  may have undesired side effects in a competitive environment. (e.g.: ?PreventOfflinePvP=true?PreventOfflinePvPInterval=60.0?PvPDinoDecay=true?PvPStructureDecay=true)
* Added Alpha Mosasaurus (contains lots of Black Pearls)
* Alpha creatures XP reduced by 45%
* Auto-Turrets can no longer be built on Quetz/Sauro/Mosa/Plesi/Paracer platforms (Plant turrets can't be grown on them). Any existing turrets on such platforms will no longer fire. This is a server option of "?OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=true". Otherwise they're now only allowed on Rafts and non-moving Bases.
* Plant Turrets now consume Fertilizer per shot, and also will not shoot if no water is in the crop plot.
* Approximate +100% increase to Saurupod and Paraceratherium respective Weight stats.
* Breeding Mechanics Phase 2: Interactive Baby Raising
* Optional RPG Stat Mode: Displays Floating In-World Damage Numbers for all Player-Related Damage Events.
* Fixed issue where Quetz platform could create floating structures
April 10, 2016, 04:24:47 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 12 | Comments: 2

Welcome to Armed Global Warfare Valhalla!

Due to a broken mod, we are moving to a new server.   You can upload your items, dino's & character at the obelisk located at Lat 55.8 Lon 60.7

this is what the obelisk looks like in Valhalla... (NOTE:  the obelisk in this map is very small & the access may be hard to see, you can stand close or crouch to see the E to access, the at the top press "Transmit Ark DATA")

this is where it's located on the map, it's right near the water...

To upload items, dino & character, follow the steps below..


Items - To save items, walk up to the obelisk, access the obelisk, press "Transmit Ark DATA" & drag items into the empty box in the center, items do not need to be uploaded, only placed in the obelisk & only you will have access to your items.

Dino's - To upload a Dino, remove all gear & place in the data inventory box as mention on Items, have the dino close to the obelisk, click the UPLOAD CREATURE DATA... once your on the other server, you simple download your dino at the obelisk.

Your Character -  to upload yourself, remove all gear & items & place them in the Ark Data inventory, then click the UPLOAD SURVIVOR tab, once your on the other server, you can download your character at the obelisk.