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August 27, 2014, 02:47:38 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 2 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 08/27/2014 ~1.9 Gbs

The update is finally here that will change Landmark forever... or until the next patch that is.  Details below...

 Combat and Game Tables
  • Ladies and Gentlemen... are you ready to rumble? Combat is now in Landmark, and we're starting with PVP.
  • To engage in PVP, you'll have to join a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Zone Control Game Table that is running on someones claim (or set up your own!)
  • For a more detailed explanation on Combat and Game Tables, please read the detailed notes located here.
 New to this update, Movers are props that you can place on your claim that will fling, teleport, or generally move you about your claim as you see fit.
  • Spring Loaded Launcher
    • This prop will launch the user in the air, at a speed and angle that you specify! Right Click the object and select "Setup" to modify the settings.
  • Spring Loaded Flinger
    • This prop acts similarly to the Launcher, but is a two piece prop. The secondary piece can be moved and placed as you see fit, and acts as a landing spot. Simply place the Cube Object wherever you want, and when you activate the flinger, it'll propel you towards the target! You can also right click this object and select "Setup" in order to change the Height (angle.)
  • Translocation Pad
    • This is a prop that has two pieces, and can teleport the user from one piece to another. After initially placing the two-piece prop, simply right click one of the Pads and select "Reposition." Move it anywhere else on your claim, and when you walk over one of the Pads, it'll teleport you to the other pad!
  • Magical Platform
    • This is a three-piece prop, that acts as a moving platform. You can reposition the two end pieces to make the platform move in any manner that you want. Left to Right, Right to Left, Up and Down, Diagonally - you can even rotate the ends in any axis, which in turn rotates the pad as it moves!
  • These props can be crafted at the workshop.
Claim Management Overhaul
  • We've significantly overhauled the Claim Management window. You no longer have to open multiple windows to edit your claim, or pay upkeep - this is now an all-in-one solution that lets you easily manage everything in one window.
    • Press U to open Claim Management
    • On the left side, you can see all or your claims. Clicking on one of them will refresh the middle pane of the window with that selected claims information (no more separate windows!)
    • In that middle pane you can update your screenshots, change the claim name and description, and add tags. There is a tab on top of that middle pane that accesses the Security Settings.
    • The right pane displays the Upkeep information for all of your claims. Simply input the number of days you'd like to pay, and it'll tell you how much Copper or SC it will cost.
  • Speaking of SC, we've added the option for you to pay for your upkeep with Station Cash. The current cost is 10 SC per day, per claim.
Showcase and Player Studio enhancements
  • You can now Follow players and tags within the Showcase!
    • On the My Store tab, click "Start Following." From here you can type in the name of your favorite creator, and start following them.
    • You can also decide to follow certain tags, and this is where you can really get specific.
    • For example, you could put in two separate tags: PVP and Castle. If you're just searching for these, you would get updates from anyone who submitted something with the tag "PVP" or "Castle."
    • However, you could also group tags together! So if you only want to get updates on "PVP Castles" then we would only update you when someone submits something that has BOTH of those tags.
    • Every 24 hours, we'll search for anything that has been successfully submitted to the Marketplace or Gallery, and send you an in-game mail with updates from your followed tags and creators. If you have your personal e-mail on file, we'll also send you an e-mail with the same information.
  • You can now bundle your Player Studio items together!
  • Bundling is a system that lets you bundle any approved Player Studio objects together into a single item that can be purchased from the store. This is obviously useful when you’re attempting to sell anything built with modular pieces, or even just to offer collections of your items at a single price point for convenience.
    • To bundle items together, go to MyStore.
    • You can only bundle items that have been submitted successfully and approved previously.
    • When bundling items, you will name the bundle, give it a description, and then add items from your MyStore list into the bundle.
    • Your bundle price cannot be lower than the total of all the item minimum prices contained within the bundle. Example: If I make an item and submit it to Player Studio, it will have a minimum SC price that needs to be charged. Let’s say I made an archway and the minimum price was 25SC. I list that item for 100SC individually. When I add it to a bundle, it will raise them minimum price of that bundle by the item’s minimum price of 25SC, not by the higher price you decided to charge. 10 such items added into a bundle would raise that bundle’s minimum price by 100SC.
    • Once a bundle is created, it is submitted through the regular review channels for content check. Once approved, you’re good to go!
    • You do not pay any additional Listing Fees for creating a bundle. The listing fees were charged already for the individual pieces.
    • You can create any number of bundles, but you can currently only actively list 10 of them at a time.
New Props and Material Changes / Additions
  • We've got some great Kerran themed props for all you Workshop builders!
    • Hanging Kerran Lamp
    • Standing Kerran Brazier
    • Hanging Kerran Lantern
    • Wooden Kerran Lattice
    • Rectangular Kerran Rug
    • Ornate Kerran Vase
    • Wooden Kerran Table
    • Wooden Kerran Lamp Post
    • Simple Kerran Stool (six colors)
    • Ornate Kerran Stool (six colors)
You can also now craft Proximity Mines. For more info on Proximity Mines see the Combat and Game Tables link above.
 As a side note, we've also categorized our Prop Lists, since the list seems to grow every update!
  • Prop – Decoration
  • Prop – Furniture
  • Prop – Lightsource
  • Prop – Interactive
  • Added ten new colored Stucco variations, and sixteen new Burled Wood variations (light and dark tints to all current burled wood textures.) These should add some diversity to Kerran Workshop builds!
  • We've made the Glass Voxels more clear (it previously had a green tint) and removed the rippled texture from it.

Claim Attachments
  • Good news everyone! We've increased the amount of attached claims you can have to five!
  • To recap, you can have up to two root claims, and up to five attachment claims (total.)
  • As a reminder, all claims must be in a 3x3x3 box around the root claim.
Performance Improvements
  • We've made a number of optimizations that should improve framerates for many players. This does not include the Multithreaded Rendering, which we are still working on.
Bug Fixes / Misc
  • Ledge grab has been enabled!
  • You can now interact with a prop, if you have a sickle equipped.
  • Added the following message to Character Delete. "WARNING: Deleting your character will permanently delete all items in your inventory, chests, and vault. This includes items purchased from the Marketplace. Note: Building templates currently saved will carry over to your new character. If you are SURE that you want to delete your character and all its items, please type DELETE below to confirm."
  • Windowed Full Screen should now allow you to Alt Tab to a window that is on another monitor.
  • Fixed numerous crashes.
  • The Portal Spire should now have a near infinite view distance.
  • Added a proper skin to all the Notification Windows (Mail, Upkeep reminder, Player Studio Approvals, etc)
  • The Showcase should now close with "B."
  • Fixed an issue where you would continue to swim on land, if you migrated on to user placed voxels from the water
  • Turned the FPS meter off by default. You can bring it back with Alt + F.
  • You can now press "F" to interact with objects.
  • You are now able to map the Mouse4 and Mouse5 buttons to any control.
  • If you have an item that enables Double Jump, you can now jump after falling.
  • The Contacts list will now keep the Friends / Guild dropdowns regardless of the "Show Offline" setting.
  • Addressed numerous Guild UI bugs

link to release notes...
August 20, 2014, 02:11:53 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

BIS has released the latest update for Arma 3, it weights in at ~846, for those already up to date (new players will have to download the full game), to update simply open Steam & allow it to auto update.

Game Update: 1.26 (Guaranteed network messaging, Sharpen filter, Launcher presets, Launcher newsfeed)

FROM: Project Lead
 TO: Arma 3 Users
 UNIT: Main Branch
 ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.26 (Guaranteed network messaging, Sharpen filter, Launcher presets, Launcher newsfeed)
 SIZE: ~846 MB
  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider defragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • We've enabled Steam-based redistrutables for Visual C++, .NET and DirectX, which may run one time if they had not been installed previously.
  • A new Steam branch is now available for advanced users: Legacy Build (1.24). As its name implies, it contains the previous main branch version. It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy124
  • Fixed: Damage and destruction materials for Hunter, Greyhawk and Offroad variants
  • Fixed: Altian civilians should speak their language correctly
  • Fixed: Demolition charge has correct model when dropped from inventory
  • Fixed: Mi-48 optics
  • Fixed: It was possible to access Arsenal on a destroyed ammo box
  • Fixed: Sound of Wipeout rocket explosions
  • Fixed: Alternative sights don't have optic effects from main sights anymore (
  • Fixed: Pitch shift of grenades
  • Fixed: CfgPatches for camo versions of sniper rifles
  • Fixed: Zone Protection worked only when there was an entire AO defined
  • Fixed: Supports module no longer lists vehicles with protected scope as available Virtual Providers
  • Fixed: Wrong localization of "Watch" button for Community Guides in French
  • Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module when calling in artillery after a bombing run using Virtual Providers
  • Fixed: Player's appearance consistent with the overview image of Showcase Supports
  • Fixed: Panther no longer throws itself over the edge during insertion in Showcase Combined Arms
  • FIxed: Changed squad movement speed modes in Showcase Combined Arms to accommodate changes to fatigue
  • Fixed: Kuma vulnerability mitigated
  • Fixed: Kart Trolley had a bad shadow
  • Fixed: CfgPatches have been tweaked for Bootcamp components
  • Fixed: Optimized overall car inventory maximum loads to more reasonable levels
  • Fixed: Adjusted memory points of Bobcat LMG
read full changelog here...
August 17, 2014, 05:36:41 AM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

Landmark SOE Live 2014 Keynote

So... what's coming to Landmark, up till now is been a SP/some what MP game... digging for resources, seeking for treasure, building & crafting.  But it's about to have some MAJOR updates coming on August 28th... PvP (Death Match/Team Death Match/Capture & Hold), Monsters, weapons crafting & new abilities... and so much more.  Watch the SOE Live keynote video below for more details... this is gonna totally change the game!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
August 06, 2014, 02:45:40 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 10 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 08/07/2014 ~1.5Gbs

  • Guilds are here! Join up with your friends and make a name for yourselves in Landmark.
  • Click here to see all the details of this robust system.
New Materials
  • Glass Voxels are now here! This material can be crafted at a forge or smelter using sand. This material is located at the bottom of the Stone category.
  • New Ice Materials! We've taken advantage of the new tech we made to support water and glass, and made a new Ice textures that are actually transparent. Note that we did not overwrite the current ice texture, but instead added these new ones in addition to the old ones.
  • We've also made a small change to the Water material. We felt (and received feedback) that the water was a bit too static, so the material animates a bit more.
Multi-Screenshot functionality for Claims
  • Much like how you can take multiple screenshots for your Templates and Player Studio items, you can now take up to four screenshots to display your claim in the Gallery.
New Props
 Since SOE Live is imminent, we wanted to release some cool props for you to decorate your claim with - so let’s have a party! (Images below!)
  • Glassware, Mugs, & Steins
    • Goblet
    • Drinking Horn
    • Mug
    • Stein
    • Large Stemmed Goblet
    • Short Stemmed Glass
    • Medium Stemmed Glass
    • Medium Stemmed Goblet
    • Tall Stemmed Glass
    • Large Stemmed Glass
  • Food & Drink
    • Medium Keg
    • Bread 1
    • Bread 2
    • Pink Cake
    • Chocolate Cake
    • Buttercream Cake
    • Roasted Meat 1
    • Roasted Meat 2
    • Small Keg
    • Barrels
  • Spotlights
    • Blue Spotlight
    • Green Spotlight
    • Indigo Spotlight
    • Orange Spotlight
    • Red Spotlight
    • Violet Spotlight
    • White Spotlight
    • Yellow Spotlight
  • We've also added all of these to bundles that can be purchased in the Marketplace.
New Outfits
  • We've added Planetside-themed tints to the Commander's Gear, which can be purchased in the Marketplace!
  • Choose from the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, or the Vanu Soverignty!
Claim Upkeep Change
  • The maximum time that upkeep can be paid in advance has been increased to 15 days, up from 8.
  • There will now be an upkeep payment reminder sent out 3 days before a claim expires. The previous reminder occurred 1 hour before expiration.
Voxel Vision
  • VV has received a bit of a revamp from the code side, in order to increase performance.
    • Curved / contoured surfaces should now display with more accuracy.
    • The client should no longer stall significantly when attempting to display detailed geometry.
    • Attempting to build with Voxel Vision active should not result in single digit FPS.
Steam Friends
  • Upon login, all Steam friends that are also logged-in will be auto-added to the Landmark friends list, as long as they aren't ignoring you, and vice-versa.
  • This only works if each player is logged into Landmark. A Steam friend that is logged in, but not into Landmark won't get added until they actually enter the game while you are also in.
  • Once added, a Steam-enabled user won't need to log in with steam to retain the Landmark friends association (unless a friend is removed, obviously).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Sickle in the Starter Pack not functioning correctly.
  • Deleting your surfacecache folder will no longer result in missing terrain.
  • Addressed an issue that let you continue to swim in the air, after exiting a water volume.

August 05, 2014, 03:18:07 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

H&G release news of their upcoming build... code named "Rommel", which will introduce new General features & lots of other great stuff, check out the details below...

Rommel Feature: GENERALS!

Posted Jul 31 2014 by Reto.Gargamel in Feature, Featured Posts, Game Design,


Notice that silence? You can hear flies buzzing. There are thousands of boots lined up on the landing strip but no movement, not a sound. The atmosphere is heavy with the authoritative presence of the lone character who is just now stepping out of his personal transport. Who commands such obedience and discipline? The General, that’s who!

With the imminent arrival of the aptly-named Rommel build, the time has come to unveil a major change in the strategy portion of Heroes & Generals: namely, that Officers and Generals will now be actual characters, with direct command of their own Assault Teams. This means new ranks will now become available. So how does it work? Read on.

Top Brass

The most noticeable transformation in the Rommel build will be that Assault Teams will henceforth be assigned to an Officer character. Characters rank 12 and up will gain the ability to “equip” Assault Teams through the new Assault Teams menu. Field Officers (ranks 12-14) and Company Officers (ranks 15-17) can only deploy Assault Teams belonging to the same branch of the army as them: Tankers command Armor, Pilots command Fighter Squadrons, and so on.

When they reach rank 17 (Colonel/Oberst), they will unlock the option to become Generals. A General character no longer participates directly in combat. Instead, he gains the ability to command units in all branches. Instead of leveling up in action, a General will earn experience from the enemies destroyed by his troops. You will get more experience if your troops are victorious against a stronger enemy (i.e. Infantry vs. Armor).

Lower-ranking Officers will also earn some experience through the actions of their Assault Teams, but this will be limited by the fact that they can’t command as many men as a General. The size and number of Assault Teams a character can deploy is determined by how many Command Points he has unlocked. These points work exactly like Equipment Points, but are used to “equip” Assault Teams.

Stay tuned for more Rommel features!

Official news link here....