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December 17, 2014, 03:57:18 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters! ~2.8Gbs


The  Landmark cave system is being expanded and true layers are being  introduced! Rather than altering the current surface caves, which would  require popping off any affected claims in the area, surface caves will  be removed from existing continents in the 12/15 patch. They will return  in the new continents that will be generated for open beta. Beneath the  surface of each island explorers will be able to explore through 5  layers filled with underground caves. Along with the cave and layer  expansion, mining veins of metal and gems will be redistributed so that  the higher tiers of resources are found in the deeper, more dangerous  depths.

  • Below the surface caves, large caverns can be found  as part of the cave networks. These are very large, and within them,  explorers may find ruins and buried monuments to explore for treasure;  but also within the caverns lurk monsters who may challenge the unwary!  Many of the buried ruins were created by Landmark players as part of our  collaborative open development process, and will credit the creator.
  • Be  warned! Falling damage has been re-enabled. Be careful as you explore  the massive cavern systems underground – there are some really long  drops!


Five  new types of monsters, some of which have never been seen before, will  appear in the world. Each type has a unique mode of attack and  strategies to learn. While there will be a few monsters found above  ground, more will lurk in the underground caverns and around buried  ruins, so explorers and adventurers seeking treasure in the deeper  depths should be sure to take some sturdy armor and weapons.

Starting out

The  starter equipment that all new characters begin with is now known as  Adventurer’s Gear. Zero cost recipes have also been added to the Stone  and Tech Forge that will let you replace these items if you ever need  to. The full list of Adventurer’s Gear now includes:

  • Adventurer’s Pick (this also now swings faster and hits a larger area)
  • Adventurer’s Axe
  • Adventurer’s Blade
  • Adventurer’s Doublet
  • Adventurer’s Boots
New equipment

In  Landmark, your choice of equipment is what determines what abilities  you can use during combat. This allows you to try a wide variety of  combat styles, and mix and match equipment to customize your fighting  abilities to suit exactly what you want! Armor, weapons, and equipment  use a synergistic key word system which allows items with matching key  words to enhance each other’s effectiveness.

Four new weapons that are lootable and craftable. They are:

  • Crescent-Bladed Broadsword  (Two Handed Sword) – The wielder of this lightning blade can charge up  large amounts of energy and release it into devastating attacks. Allies  can gather around to benefit from the excess energy given off. This  weapon is slow, but powerful and heals the energy of nearby allies. The  play style is a lumbering damage dealer, similar to a barbarian.
  • Obsidian Daggers  (Double Daggers) - The wielder of this pair of affliction daggers can  perform quick attacks while darting around the battlefield and leaving  poison in your wake. This weapon focuses on movement and damage over  time effects. The play style is a quick assassin, similar to a rogue.
  • Darksteel Sword and Shield  (Sword and Shield) – The wielder of this shadow sword and shield can  channel and bend the shadows to become a defensive powerhouse. This  weapon focuses on being defensive and protecting allies. The play style  is a dark tank, similar to a shadow knight.
  • Lucent Wand  (Wand) – The wielder of this radiance wand focuses light into powerful  beams to uplift and inspire allies. This weapon focuses on enhancing  allies and protecting them from range. This play style is similar to a  priest.
  • The selection of craftable and lootable armor  is expanding greatly! Over 20 new choices of armor have been added,  including four specifically aligned with with key words for additional  bonus effects when combined with matching key word weapons or  accessories. Choose the armor that fits your playstyle and your look!

  • A  selection of new accessories are also craftable and lootable. They  include accessories themed to enhance abilities with the lightning,  radiance, affliction, and shadow themes.

  • Note that  there have been some changes to harvesting equipment also, including the  replacement of Relics, all new picks, and a new sickle progression –  see the harvesting section below (redistribution of voxel materials) for  more details.
Key words system

Key  words on equipment are represented as icons and colored text. Combining  equipment that has the same key word can provide a bonus to abilities  based on that key word. For example:

In  the case of abilities, the background of the tooltip will be the color  of the key word(s) of that ability. The list of key word types is as  follows:

Collectible Recipes

  • Only  a few of the recipes for the new items will be known to crafters when  the servers come up. Most of the recipes must be found from chests or  looted from monsters. If you want craft all the new items, head into the  caves and explore!

The  portal spire on each island is expanding into a full leyline network,  which will include additional teleport points both above and below  ground for ease of transport. The transport UI is also being upgraded to  include more useful information such as which type of environments are  found on which island. Each subterranean layer will have a hub that  explorers will be able to travel to, but additional leyline points will  need to be discovered before they can be traveled to.

  • The  Portal Shard item has been changed. It will now allow the user to  teleport to the surface portal spire on a 10 minute cooldown. It is  still consumable and can be crafted.
  • The Stone of Recall has  been added to the game. The stone is a permanent, non-consumable item  that will allow you to teleport to the surface portal spire of your  current island as well as to any claims you own. There is a 30 minute  cool-down between uses. The stone will be included in the starting  inventory of every newly created player. Those with older characters can  acquire a stone by visiting the resupply chest at any portal spire.
  • In  addition, when digging between caves you will now find that pulverizers  now dig through terrain faster and have a larger destruction radius.
  • Powered Pulverizers and the Calibrated Rockgrinder now have a faster dig speed when compared to the basic Mechanized Pulverizer.

With  the addition of NPC monsters to the world, the chances that adventurers  will experience death has increased! If you die on the surface you will  return to the hub. If you die below the first layer you will revive in  one of the graveyards which are scattered around the underground layers.

When  a player dies in the wilds of Landmark they now have the option to  revive themselves at the spot that they died. However, to do this the  player needs to spend a Spirit Anchor. Spirit Anchors can be crafted at  any workshop.

check out lots of more changes here...
December 16, 2014, 04:13:48 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

A 30 year legacy, and more than 2 years of development, and we're thrilled to announce that Elite: Dangerous 1.00 is out now, available for download and play.

Thanks to everyone who played this far - see you in space Commanders.

Ed (and the whole of the Elite: Dangerous development team)

Change log for those updating from Gamma:

- Prevent missions softlocks when switching servers from A->B->A without disconnecting from A
- Check if we should use the neutron star's version of the bolometric luminosity first to prevent soft lock
- Avoid crash in creating a location object when it hits a rare window
- Sky box view distance altered to reduce memory usage in highly populated regions

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
December 04, 2014, 04:35:52 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 7 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 12/4/14 ~1.2Gbs

The next update is out, details below...

First off, as we approach our first holiday season in Landmark we'd like to say: Thank you!

  • As a token of appreciation, check your in-game mail for one of three special holiday outfits.

Starter Templates

  • All players have been granted sets of Starter templates, to get you building quickly
    • A set of Arcs, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
    • A set of Ovals, from 10 to 50 voxels in size (and one of a 100 voxel size)
    • A set of Triangles, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
    • Four sets of fonts (including one in the Landmark Style)
    • The Landmark Logo
    • A set of Angled lines
    • A set of Cylindrical Pillars
    • We've also included two Holiday templates: a Snow Globe and a set of Reindeer!

Competition Changes

  • We're making some sweeping changes to the way that Competition entries are submitted.
    • Competition entries are no longer submitted via a Template - they now use the entire claim.
    • Once you tag your claim, a Competition button should appear in the Claim Management UI (assuming there is a competition active)
    • Once a claim has been entered, it cannot be edited / deleted / foreclosed. It also no longer costs upkeep.
    • Once entered, the entry should be viewable in the Competition section of the Showcase.
    • Once the submission phase ends, other players can now vote on your entry.

New Material

  • Added a new material to your tray: Green Cloth.

New Props

  • Ogre Workshop Props
    • Intricate Chandelier
    • Intricate Lowback Chair
    • Intricate Round Table
    • Intricate Small Table
    • Oxidized Brass Mug
    • Oxidized Brass Carved Horn
    • Coiled Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Curved Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Straight Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Large Iron Barrel
    • Brass Trimmed Basin
    • Plush Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)
    • Round Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)

  • Kitchen Props
  • The following props come in Copper, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel variants.
  • Large Stockpot
  • Medium Stockpot
  • Large Braiser Pan
  • Small Braiser Pan
  • Saucier Pan
  • Medium Stockpot Lids
  • The following props come in Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Cherry Variants
  • Full Pie
  • Partial Pie
  • Slice of Pie
  • Toaster
  • Toaster with Toast
  • Microwave

  • Misc
  • Iron and Gold Lamp Post
  • Lastly, we've also created a Winter Holiday Tree.
    • This one should fit your rooms much better than a shrunk down tree prop from one of the biomes!

Crafting Window Improvements

  • As part of an on-going process to update and improve our UI, the Crafting Window has received a bit of a revamp.
    • In addition to new art and a cleaner, more streamlined look - the window now has a search function!

Bug Fixes

  • When attempting to place a claim on an invalid area (such as a cave) the message is much more specific now.
  • Barbed Armor will no longer react to fall damage.
  • You should no longer see incorrect / garbage text when viewing claims from the map.
  • Waypoints should no longer appear under the map when changing islands.
  • Chopping down trees should no longer take more than one click.
  • The Selection Tool should no longer unequip when using CTRL to enter Tweak Mode.
  • You can now properly grapple while gliding.

link to release notes...
November 18, 2014, 04:14:37 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

Battlefield 4 releases it's latest update today for the new DLC "Final Stand" details below...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Available Today for Battlefield 4 Premium Members

The mountainous Hammerhead map. Will you find the XD-1 Accipiter testing facility?
All-New Maps Served Ice-Cold

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The battle reaches its epic conclusion on 4 all-new maps set on the wintry Russian landscapes. On Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, and Operation Whiteout you’ll fight both the opposing team and the sub-zero temperatures and harsh blizzards. Taking cover inside, you’ll find secret installations with military prototypes reminiscent of those in Battlefield 2142.
Futuristic Gadgets and Vehicles

In Battlefield 4 Final Stand you’ll get your mitts on high-tech prototype weapons like the devastating railgun Rorsch MK-1 that fires a single powerful ignited by kinetic energy. Battle Pickups like the machine gun-equipped drone XD-1 Accipiter and the sneaky DS-3 Decoy Signal gadget will also give you the upper hand on the Battlefield.

The slightly thawed Giants of Karelia has rivers, rural villages, and a secret military base. Who are the giants? Go find out!

And last but not least; to traverse the icy maps, jump into the new Hovertank or Snowmobile – we bet you’ll have a ball with both of these rides.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand will be available for all non-Battlefield 4 Premium members starting December 2.

Become a Battlefield 4 Premium member – jump into Final Stand today

Be sure to check out the Nov 18th Game & Server Update Notes to learn about all of the latest improvements.
November 14, 2014, 04:19:33 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 11/14/14 ~2.2Gbs

The next update is out, details below...


  • Occlusion
    • This optimization should improve frame rates in areas around complex player-made voxel geometry and cave systems.

  • We've done a lot of behind the scenes work on Texture Atlasing.
    • This should resolve the issue with materials sometimes showing as dirt or something else entirely.
    • Textures that are closer to the camera are actually being displayed at a higher resolution.
    • This also fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a very long shutdown time.
    • PC's that are on the lower end of the Min Spec should see an  improvement in performance when setting their Texture Quality to Low or  Medium.
    • On the Development side, this opens the door for a significant increase in the number of materials we can use at any given time.


The first iteration of the keyword system is in! This system allows  items and abilities to communicate with each other. This means that  abilities will be marked with a keyword and items will have bonuses that  apply only to abilities with the specified keyword.
Each ability on the already existing weapons has been marked with a  damage type keyword that is reflective of its overall flavor. The  keywords are as follows:

  • Soldier’s Blade is now Physical
  • Mercenary’s Staff is now Water
  • Slayer’s Bow is now Fire


There are several new temporary pieces of armor that are craftable for  free on the Forge. These are gloves, helms (non-visible, sorry), and  chest pieces. Helms and gloves are stat based items that grant base  stats. Each chest piece has an associated helm and glove set.
Chest armors have major passive bonuses associated with them and many  stats (some new). These bonuses can be keyword specific or generic and  often times allow you to create a new style of play for yourself. The  armors are as follows:

  • Battle-Forged Plate - Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.
  • Barbed Armor - Opponents that deal damage to you are attacked back,  taking (0.25 Offense + 5) damage. Can only be triggered every 1 second.
  • Blood-Soaked Leathers - While your Armor is at 0, your Critical Strike is increased by 100%.
  • Fiery Tunic - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Fire abilities, but Fire spells cost 20% more energy.
  • Cloak of Quickness - Decreases your cool downs by 30%, but lowers your Offense by 15%.
  • Frost Coat - Each time you damage a Frozen or Snared opponent with a  Water ability, they take an additional (0.05 * Offense) damage.
  • Pursuit of Power - You gain 10% Armor Steal, but your Armor is reduced by 20%.
  • Soldier’s Breastplate - Increases Offense by 55 when you are below 25% Health.
  • Slayer’s Vest - Increases Critical Strike by 200 when wearer is at full health.
  • Mercenary’s Robe - Scoring a critical strike instantly heals 25% of your maximum Energy. Can only be triggered every 2 seconds.


There are also many new accessories available on the Outfitter’s Table.  These accessories are created to support the play styles that the  weapons have and the play style changes that the armors promote.
The accessories are as follows:

  • Reinforcing Charm - Incoming Physical Armor heals also restore an  additional 2%of your Health. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
  • Ring of Shielding - Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.
  • Liquid Iron Orb – Fire projectiles deal (Offense * 0.09) additional  damage every 0.5 second over a 1 second period. Can be triggered once  every 3 seconds.
  • Band of Flame - Fire attacks deal (Offense * 0.12) additional damage  in a 5 meter radius around the target. Can be triggered once every 2  seconds.
  • Crystal-Shard Earrings - Water abilities lower the cool down of your abilities by 0.2 seconds.
  • Sigil of Piercing Cold - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Water abilities.
  • Earrings of Precision – Your Offense is increased by 8% while using projectile abilities.
  • Excruciating Anklet - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.
  • Ring of Crushing Might - Physical attacks cause your target to  bleed, dealing (Offense * 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a  1.5 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.

Please check these out, test the different combinations and let us know what you think!
Flight on Claims

  • You can now fly on your claim, or any claim you have permission on!  To enable flight, head to the Workshop and craft the “Builder’s Bauble  of Flight.”
  • Click the item to activate Flight. While activated, you can use Space Bar to ascend, and X to descend.

Claim Expansion

  • We've increased the number of expansion claims you can have, from 5 to 8.

Notification Window

  • There is now a Notification Window that compiles all of your notifications (mail, upkeep reminders, etc.)
  • More important notifications (PVP Queues, etc) will still pop up in bottom right hand corner, in order to increase visibility


  • Festive Props
    • The holidays are approaching, so we thought you might like some decorations for your claim!

  • Ogre Doors
    • Added two new Ogre Props for your Workshop builds:
      • Intricate Wood Door (Left and Right)
      • Intricate Copper Banded Door (Left and Right)

  • Miscellaneous signs
    • Construction Sign
    • Stop Sign
    • Direction Sign

Modal Improvements

  • Added modal bars for prop placement / interaction.
  • Added button for Tilde (Change Mode)
  • Removed all of the tool hints from the right side, since the modal bar should cover all of those controls.

Bugs / Misc

  • Re-exported the icons for the Sci-Fi props to match their in-game tint.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grappling Hook location was too low when you grappled in.
  • Blocking and then unblocking another player from your Block list should now work correctly.
  • Added Control Hints on the map, on how to place Waypoints
  • The Halloween trophy should no longer flip when viewed at a different LOD.
  • Picking up a prop should no longer leave you in "Build Mode."
  • Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer close all UI windows.

link to release notes...