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October 14, 2014, 07:10:30 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 9 | Comments: 1

Update Notes - 10/15/14 ~1.9Gbs

The next update is out (releases tomorrow/15th), details below...

Heroic Movement Changes

•   There have been significant changes to the way Heroic Movement works. Please see the separate post for specifics here...

Weapon Adjustments and Armor

•   There have been significant changes to the weapons that are currently available. We're also introducing Armor for the first time! Please see the separate post for specifics here...

Default Controls and Keybindings

•   There have been significant changes to the default controls and Keybindings. Please see the separate post for specifics here...


•   We're introducing a new slot on your Character Sheet this update - The Appearance Outfit.
o   This slot lets you use any outfit that you might have, as a visual override to the armor you're equipping.
o   This means you can use any of the cool outfits you got from your Trailblazer Packs, or from the Marketplace, while still equipping combat armor!
Heroic Movement Ruleset Restrictions
•   You can now decide to limit what Heroic Movement abilities are used in your PVP matches.
•   This includes:
o   Jumping
o   Climbing
o   Multi Jump
o   Gliding
o   Sprinting
o   Grappling Hook
We're currently experiencing issues with our settings on the High Jump restriction (Lunar Treads, Leaper's Launchers, Neon Blitzing Boots) so we've removed it for now. We'll add this setting in a future update.

UI Changes

•   The Action Bar has a new look! Internally, we are currently in the midst of a full UI redesign. This will include both UI skinning, as well as different functionality. We'll be releasing these in chunks as they are ready, but for now please enjoy the newer, cleaner Action Bar.
•   Also of note: we've added the ability to lock the action bar.
New Materials
•   In preparation for future Workshop competitions, we have a large number of new materials for you!
o   Small Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
o   Medium Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
o   Large Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
o   Intricate Stone Slabs
o   Intricate Stone Cut
o   Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim
o   Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim Small
o   Vertical Dull Stone Geometric Trim
o   Horizontal Dull Stone Geometric Trim
o   Geometric Stone Floor Tile
o   Geometric Stone Pavers
o   Oxeblood Rough Cloth
o   Vertical Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
o   Horizontal Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
o   Dull Bronze
o   Dull Horizontally Banded Bronze
o   Dull Vertically Banded Bronze
o   Dull Hammered Bronze
o   Dull Bronze Panels
o   Dull Riveted Bronze
o   Horizontal Brass Intricate Trim
o   Oxidized Brass
o   Hammered Brass
o   Vertical Dull Iron Geometric Trim
o   Horizontal Dull Iron Geometric Trim
o   Dull Dark Iron
o   Dull Horizontally Banded Dark Iron
o   Dull Vertically Banded Dark Iron
o   Dull Dark Iron Hammered Metal
o   Dull Dark Iron Panels
o   Dull Riveted Dark Iron
o   Worn Dark Iron
o   Dull Iron Hammered Metal
o   Lava
o   Crusted Lava
Please note that since Lava does not exist in a biome at this time, it will simply use Stone as a resource. Once lava can be found in the world, we'll move it over to use that resource.

Bug Fixes
•   Previously, the Spire would not always teleport you on the first click. This should no longer occur.
•   Fixed an issue where the Translocation Pad would fail if placed on a vertical surface.
•   Interactable props that have an on / off, should now work more reliably.
•   Addressed an issue that would cause the General Chat tab to be unusable, if you logged out with it active.
•   Logging out on the spire should no longer result in you being under the spire when logging back in.
•   Removed the option to Duplicate a Game Table, since you can't have more than one on a claim anyway.
•   You can now teleport to your Game Props, even if you're standing in a claim that does not contain a Game Prop.
•   Game Props can be brought out and placed even if you're not in a claim that currently has a Game Prop.
•   Addressed an issue that was causing a gap between the Moving Platform and their docks.
•   Fixed the Flame FX on the SOE Live 2014 prop.
•   Kill Bonus and Death Penalty options should now work correctly.
•   Fixed an issue where Double Jumping at the end of a front roll animation would cause the player to float.
•   Your player will now appropriately slide down inclines.
•   Added audio to the Gothic Gates.
•   The chat tab should now default to "Chat" upon login, not Combat or Loot.
•   The Yellow Spotlight should no longer show candles as a lightsource.
•   You can now use the Smooth Tool when under the ocean. We're still working on this functionality for smoothing under user placed voxel water.
•   Fixed the collision on all rope props. Previously, their collision was about twice as large as the model itself.

link to release notes...
October 14, 2014, 03:09:40 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 2 | Comments: 0

BIS has released the latest update for Arma 3, it weights in at ~1.2Gbs, for those already up to date (new players will have to download the full game), to update simply open Steam & allow it to auto update.

Game Update: 1.32 (Fixathon, New script commands, New event handlers, Weapon Inertia)

FROM: Project Lead
 TO: Arma 3 Users
 UNIT: Main Branch
 ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.32 (Fixathon, New script commands, New event handlers, Weapon Inertia)
 SIZE: ~1.2 GB


  • Thicker front lower armor plates on wheeled APCs
  • Texture definition added to Kerry's backpack class; it can now be re-textured
  • FIA Miller's and Stavrou's headgear randomization switched off
  • AAF Soldier LAT now has a backpack better suiting his needs
  • Compact backpack with digital camo has better alpha sorting
  • Naming of various structures has been updated to prevent at least some duplicates in ZGM missions
  • Increased volume of samples for changing stances and set maximum audible distance of all movement sound to 20 meters
  • Units should be able to stay under water a little bit longer
  • Removed Plane_Fighter_03_wreck_F from Zeus
  • Walking with a rifle or pistol now regenerates less fatigue than standing still with rifle or pistol coherently among all stances
  • Fatigue for switching weapons was tweaked depending on your stance
  • Removed: Obsolete debug logs in MP Headhunters
  • Sample changes for door sounds
  • Solar power plant has a better set of sounds for its doors
  • Removed: Redundant BIS_fnc_crewCount from Functions_F_Curator (the function file is already in Functions_F)
  • Made objects based on the FloatingStructure_F base class show up in Zeus
  • 20mm rounds are now using multiSoundHit instead of soundHit
  • Renamed: String for striped commoner clothes
  • Nikos’ clothes hidden from Editor and Virtual Arsenal
  • Weapon-related HMD elements of Blackfoot should now always aim where the weapons aim
  • Time Trials - More voice-acting implemented for feedback
  • Time Trials - Vehicle fuel is now reset to whatever it was initialized with (not always 1)
  • Optics of arifle_MX_RCO_pointer_snds_F changed to be actually RCO
  • Weapon-related HMD elements of the Hellcat should now always aim where the weapons aim
  • Unified font size in the HMD of the Hellcat
  • Unit info is hidden while cinema borders are displayed (it was partly visible if large GUI was used)
  • Lowered volume of 2D samples in first-person view

read full changelog here...
October 11, 2014, 05:55:32 AM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 2 | Comments: 0

Update 1.43 of War Thunder released... some interesting stuff in this one, not to mention one of the largest updates... 7.2GB's yea, you read that right.  Load of news vehicles & even a race mode, details below...

Update 1.43

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

 1.43 update is now available and we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the changes that will occur to War Thunder in the new update. Our game has been transformed - new tanks and aircraft, maps and new War Thunder features, which you have been requesting for a long time are waiting for you.
 Among the most important changes are:
  • New air vehicles including the fabulous Ho 229 V-3, several other jet fighters and bombers, piston-engined fighters like the F7F Tigercat and the J7W1
  • New ground vehicles: the T-35 multi-turreted tank, multiple AA vehicles and more
  • New locations and maps: Mozdok, Norway, Poland and Tropical Island
  • Arcade ground battles rework
  • New hangar design
  • New environment and weapon sounds
  • Vehicle presets
  • Racing mode
  • New achievements and rewards
  • Possibility to view detailed armouring model and inner modules locations for the ground forces in hangar

Full list of changes in War Thunder 1.43

October 02, 2014, 01:52:44 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 9 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 10/2/14 ~347Mbs

The next update is out, details below...

User Interface changes and Improvements
  • F to Interact will now only appear when in Combat Mode
  • Moved the UI elements that used to appear in the center of the screen, to a smaller area on the right hand side. This is in preparation for future UI changes to Weapon abilities, in that center area.
    • These elements include the F to Interact, Tip text for the Building tools, etc.
  • We've also shortened the interaction radius on most objects, so that it's easier to interact with large groups of objects.
  • You can now disable the Grappling Hook indicator.
  • You can also disable the Grappling Hook icon.
  • Moved the compass to the upper right hand side of the screen.
  • This is an on-going task, so look for more UI improvements soon!
  • You can now pick up chests that have items in them.
  • Once picked up, their tooltip will list their contents.
  • Addressed an issue where you couldn't open chests when they had been repositioned across claim lines.
  • We've got a bunch of awesome props that will be great for Halloween, but also for anything you make that is in a particularly "Gothic" style.
    • Bubbling Cauldron
    • Gothic Gate (Left and Right)
    • Gothic Fence
    • Gothic Fence Post (for mounting the gates)
    • Mounted Gothic Brazier (basically, the fence post without brackets, and with a glowy brazier)
    • Gravestones (Small, Medium, and Large)
      • Click the Graves for a spooky surprise...
    • Stone Gargoyle
    • Skull, and a Jaw-less Skull.
    • Note: The Cauldron, Gravestones, and Brazier are the first props to use our brand new FX system. Let us know what you think!
  • We've also added three new Kerran Lattices, in different Burled Wood tints (Light, Medium, and Dark.)
Bugs / Misc
  • Item Icon / Name / Descriptions are now visible when dead.
  • Slider bars in the Game Settings will no longer shrink when moved back and forth.
  • Your character will no longer enter a falling animation when exiting water voxels on a claim.
  • The main Landmark menu will now appear over the chat window when opened.
  • Fixed the Portal Shard menu (it shrank significantly last update.)
  • The claim owner can no longer teleport to game props during a PVP match.
  • The Settings menu on the Translocation Pad should now work properly. Let one way teleporting commence.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't teleport to a claim via the gallery
  • The Ore Prospector should now properly detect all veins of Etherium.
  • Infused Cordella should no longer take an extreme amount of time to infuse.
  • Polished mouse movement in general. Previously if you tried to move the mouse diagonally, it would jitter. It should be much smoother.
  • Fixed another issue related to placing very large templates. Let me know if you're still seeing this!
  • There should no longer be an invisible item attachment to Upkeep emails.
  • Addressed an issue where the mining cursor would be stuck to your camera (ala Combat) when mining in first person.
  • The Hanging Kerran Lamp will no longer seem to flip over, when viewed at a different LOD.
  • Pressing ESC will no longer make the rotate cursor appear on a Template placement. It will simply cancel the placement.
  • We've made a handful of optimizations that should enhance the performance on some machines.
link to notes...

Hotfix notes - 3 Oct 14

A client update has been pushed out which addresses a memory leak issue that could cause some people to crash. You will get this update next time you re-patch through the launchpad.  We are also introducing additional logging to help track down the cause of other issues.
 We are still working to address a number of other issues and plan to hotfix these on Monday, including:
  • not seeing friends in your friends list;
  • being able to claim and mine around spire hubs;
  • trees growing on hubs;
  • pasting a selection defaulting to rotate arrows;
  • teleport pad issues;
  • spires sometimes not working (work-around: this appears to be a distance issue, so try moving around. You can also teleport to a friend or via the gallery, or log out and in again.)
  • seeing no chat in a chat channel (such as /General) if you log out while in it (work-around: manually /leave the chat channel, then rejoin)
  • lighting props not turning off. 
Please note: until we can fix the claimable spires bug, we request that you please do not claim the land on a spire hub.  If you do, please expect that your claim WILL be deleted and you may not get your materials/props back.

Hotfix Notes - 10/6/14

  • We've addressed a few issues in regards to the area surrounding the spire.
    • That area will now properly suppress procedural props.
    • You can no longer mine / harvest in this area.
    • You can no longer place a claim in this area.
      • If you do happen to see a claim that has been placed over a Spire, please stand in the offending claim and type /reportclaim. Our CS crew will take care of it!
  • We've fixed a couple issues that could prevent teleporters from working correctly. There are definitely some remaining issues with Teleporters, and we hope to address these in a future update.
  • Previously a pasted volume would default to rotate - it should now default to translate.
  • We have also increased the capacity of personal storage for raw resources to 900,000 up from 100,000. Also expanded the capacity of vault raw resource storage to 500,000, up from 100,000
    • Please note that in the future, the expansion of personal storage will be unlocked via Progression / Achievements. This is a temporary increase for Closed Beta.
  • We've added some logging in an attempt to catch the odd issues that people are seeing with Props disappearing on their claims, and with Chests in general. This should let us gather some good data in order to squash these bugs once and for all.
September 25, 2014, 04:07:39 PM by |AGW|TC-Ed | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

Update Notes - 09/25/2014 ~1.5Gbs

The next update is out, details below...

Game Table and PVP Improvements

  • Game Markers

    • You can now use Game Markers to specify which of your claims you want a PVP match to be active in.
    • In the Prop Settings of your Game Table, simply click the Game Marker and place it in each claim that you want the PVP match to be active.
    • The claim that has the Game Table in it will always be active for PVP.
    • You also don’t have to put Game Markers down in claims that already have Control Points or Spawn Points – they are automatically flagged for PVP.
  • Observer Mode

    • There is now an Observer Mode on claims that have a PVP Match active.
    • When entering a claim that has a match active, you'll no longer be kicked to the claim boundary. You're free to walk around inside the claim, but you'll be invisible to the other clients who are current playing.
    • Additionally, you can click the "Observer Mode" button in the PVP Banner, which will switch you to a Free Camera mode. This lets you fly around the claim, watching the action from any angle you choose.
  • Cross World Queue
    • You can now queue for a PVP Match on one world or island, and accept the queue on another. Previously, you would have to stay on the same island, if you wanted to join a game.
    • For example, you can now queue for a match on one world, travel to another world to mine or harvest, and when your queue pops, you'll be teleported to the claim that you queued at.
  • Gallery Improvements

    • Active PVP games will now show additional information in the Gallery.
    • When a game is in queue, a yellow crossed swords icon will appear.
    • Active, in-progress games have green cross swords.
    • You can also filter claims in the Gallery by game type (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zone Control, etc.)
Upkeep Progression

  • You can now increase the number of days you can prepay your upkeep. This increase is tied to the length of time you have spent paying for a claim.
  • The longer you pay for your claim, the more days you can prepay for!
  • When you hit a number of days paid your cap will be increased and we will send you a mail letting you know.
    • When you’re just starting out, the cap is five days.
    • Once you’ve spent those 5 days, your cap will increase to 7 days.
    • After 15 days, the cap increases to 10 days.
    • After 30 days, the cap increases to 15 days.
    • After 50 days, the cap increases to 20 days.
    • After 80 days, the cap increases to 25 days.
    • Finally, after 120 days, cap will max at 30 days.
  • If you happen to miss a claim upkeep payment and your claim forecloses, we don’t start you over from zero. Instead, it will pick back up at whatever tier you left off at.
  • For all current players, the starting balance of days of upkeep paid will be set to 30. This means you will be able to prepay up to 15 days of upkeep from the start.
New Materials

  • There are two new materials for you to experiment with: Worn Iron, and Worn Bronze.

  • You can now set the Translocation Pad to be a one-way teleport. Use the option in the Setup window.
  • The Flinger destination no longer has collision.
Bug Fixes / Misc

  • The Greater Lightstone now works properly.
  • You should no longer slide off the Magical Platform when it's placed at a steep angle.
  • Scaling one props after another will no longer cause the second prop to start with the scale of the first.
  • You can no longer place the endpoint of a Flinger outside of your claim.
  • Re-ran the prop / treasure chest placement in all caves. This should fix any instances of half sunken props / treasure chests.
  • Wrapped up the tree optimization in all biomes.
  • Props will no longer be unintentionally selected when using the mouse to move.
  • Selection Volumes will no longer remain in the world if they were up when a claim was deleted.
  • Fixed a typo in the Magical and Glass Platforms.
  • Shiny Hammered Mithril no longer has a seam.
  • You can now talk in party using /g as well as /p.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from harvesting plants, harvesting trees, or using a potion while grappled.
  • The Marksman's Bow will no longer have a looping sound as if it's being drawn, when standing idle.
  • The Selection Volume will now respond to tools more consistently. Previously it would sometimes take multiple clicks to get a tool to apply to the volume.
  • A blank banner will no longer drop down when entering Competition claims.
  • F to Interact will no longer show through other pieces of UI.
  • Pasting a very large template would sometimes fail. This shouldn't happen any longer.
  • Moved buff icons to the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Decreased the crafting cost of Rope props.
link to blog...